Any one used Travelex?


I’m trying to work out the best and easiest way to access my money while I’m in Europe and was wondering if anyone has used the Travelex cash passports? Reading about them they sound like a good deal but I was wondering if anyone could share some first-hand info about them? Also contemplating just going with my bank’s option.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Any thoughts on the ANZ cash card either?


I have a travelex card, with euros on it. Its 2 euro everytime you draw, but no conversion fee which helps. My bank card is a student one so doesnt work overseas. Just was the best option for me :slight_smile: Look into your bank though!


Thanks for that Lauren, nice to hear from someone :slight_smile:


I have used a Travelex a few years ago loaded with A$ as I was going to USA, UK, Europe and Hong Kong. I have just got a new one loaded with Euro’s for my topdeck tour this month.

My advice for Travelex is to order online! The exchange rate is sooo much better - they charged me A$200 more to go in store than online. When I realised I went back in store to complain and they did refund me.

I would also recommend the debit one, not just the ATM, as Lauren said it is 2 euro to withdraw at an ATM, but you can use the debit function and there is no charge to purchase in a store by using the credit button.


Great, thanks Keryn. I’m so new to all of this it helps to hear about it. Online is a good tip!


i have also been reccomended the same thing from both my back an travel agents! they said definatetly opt for the dedit one an not the atm one!! as you can just use the card at the atm each time… however im the type of person that likes to also have cash on me just incase especailyl if im going out as i never seem to use a card… but yer you also get 2 cards given to you when u ‘purchase’ the travelex debit. just incase you loose one or get stolen!! x


I have and you have in order to get the best rates have to shop around with the banks first see what they are offering and then get them to match it.Only ever use it when convenient and as a last resort If i can’t get to a bank in time.


Yeah, Travelex cards are pretty good, definitely better for ATM charges (my bank wants to charge me $5 per withdrawal, i don’t think so!). Plus there’s no conversion fees and they issue you with two cards which is handy in case you lose one or it gets stolen. AND you can access it easily online and change your PIN to one you’ll remember.
I like that the cash passport as it’s separate to all my other bank accounts and can’t be traced should something happen. So there’s that peace of mind too.
Only downside is they charge you each time you put money on it so i guess if your bank doesn’t do this and has low-ish ATM fees, it could be the better option.
Worth looking into, as the others have said :slight_smile:


I got mine yesterday. Travelex are having a promotion at the moment, where you dont get charged anything for getting the card and putting $$ on it. Also if you already have a card there are no fees for reloading over the counter. Not sure when the offer ends…

Also I couldn’t find any store in Aus that has the mastercard ones with the chip. They don’t come out until the end of the month apparently. Which is annoying because they advertise them. Unfortunately for me I’m in Europe in 6 days so I just got the visa debit minus the chip.


Whats a Travelex Card like to use in NZ


Not sure on this discussion, I found the commonwealth bank cash card to be better than travelex. The commonwealth card had cheaper withdraw rates to that of tavelex. But all cards should be looked into first. But it’s another Idea for anyone traveling. I just loaded mine up with the euros the other day!


Hi I’m travelling in Europe by myself after a tour and was just wondering if anyone had used the travelex card to secure hotel bookings? ie I have a mastercard debit card in Aus and I couldn’t use it to put down as a credit card for a hotel booking (for their security ie not to pay the bill we had already paid)- any one tried this before, I’ve heard it might be different as it is run through Visa


I used the travelex card last year and have started loading it again for travels next year… i never had any issues getting cash out with it, but a few people on my tour that had just standard ATM cards from there bank (even with visa and cirus) were having issues in some countries…

Definitely worth getting… but you should always allow yourself a backup source of money from a different account… just in case, nothing worse than having no money while your away!


I would not touch Travelex it is too expensive. It is only good if you want to lock in a rate if you are scared the dollar might drop.
The best Option is the NAB gold Banking account as it has no ATM withdrawal fees and no currency conversion fees. You only need to pay $10 per month but if you turn over $5k per month on the account they wave the fee. All your money is in AUD and it just converts when ever you use it and it also has a visa debit card attached so you don’t always need to get cash out


just had a look at that Nab Gold… good find Tom…

Travelex still a good idea to lock the rate in though…


Travelex is the cheapest option if you get it at Australia Post. It is free to recharge and the only fees the card charges is if you draw money out of the ATM.
The Euro was at 80cents last week when I loaded mine, and Travelex exchange rate was 76cents…Better than the NAB and I wasn’t charged any conversion rate.
The only other charges are a $10 fee to cash it out at the end (but I was advised just to draw it out of an ATM instead) and a monthly fee that they only charge after 12 months of inactivity on the card!

I used a Travelex card when I went to the US a couple years ago and it was awesome!!