Any Help Would be Greta


Hi there
New to Topdeck web
I have done 5 tours with Contiki and one this year with Trafalgar wondering what these tours are like as I have limited eyseight and am looking at doing a tour round Europe maybe Scandinavia or somewhere like that I’m 34 and like travelling
Any advice would be great


Hey Mike

We would need more info about your vision impairment, if you are travelling with anyone else and what trip you are looking to travel on . We would of course love to accommodate you but we would require these details to help assess your specific situation.

We hope to have you travelling with us soon!

Topdeck Team


Had sent a message through in reply to this
I have limited sight a form of tunnel vision called Retinitis Pigmentosa where I have no night and peripheral vision
I am looking in 2012 possibly at the red Star Special Euro Club tour and would be travelling on own


Hey Mike

If possible, could you please send through your request to and they will advise as soon as possible. If you could include further details that would be great (i.e. that you have travelled before and that you do not require assitance etc).



I have sent them a email so will wait for a reply from them


Hi Mike,

I just finished part of the Red Star special. If you do go along, consider bringing a type of travel pillow… a lot of places didn’t have pillows for us at all!!! I had one, but most others on the trip didn’t and so that’s the best piece of advice I can give!!! Oh and mozzie repellent. I got eaten alive by giant mosquitos. No exaggeration.

Hopefully by then topdeck will have changed the camping grounds they stay in Copenhagen as they are really full on about th ecleaning of the cabins when you leave!! You have to vacuum, sweep and mop before leaving and they made most of us go back to the cabins after check out to finish “cleaning” for stupid things like not drying one of the glasses thoroughly enough. None of us were happy at all.

Hope you enjoy whichever trip you choose!