Any advice on Africa Trips


Hi There, Well i have been looking for anyone who will be doing th esame sort of Safari as me & My partner but had no reply, so it looks like were on our own upto now. But if there is anyone who has done this type of safari before,what shall i expect as i am a little scared, excited anxious a load of mixed feelings realy but any type of advice for this adventure of mine will be appreciated.:sunglasses:


Africa has a vast variety of tourist attractions including rich culture, adventurous tours, wildlife, beaches and beautiful cities. So Africa is the best place to go for any type of traveler. If one is planning a trip to South Africa then make sure to include a safari in Okavango, Kruger and Delta. If you are a beach lover then go to Quirimbas Archipelago beach.


Do everything! Get involved in all of the optional activities (or at least most of them, some like horse riding you can skip!), make sure you have enough for ALL of the safaris, especially Okavango Delta and Serengeti Park, and just get involved with the group! I did the big 56 day trip and it was amazing - I was travelling alone and met some of the most awesome people ever! It was different to a Topdeck trip as our guide was more there to make sure everything ran smoothly, not to tell us about history and stuff, but he was still super helpful. Plus we had to pitch in with cleaning the truck and stuff, but it was all evenly shared and a great experience. Just make sure you take plenty of sun screen and mosquito repellant! Oh, and a comfortable sleeping mat as mine was rubbish!


Well Africa is the best place to traveler, Africa has great variety of tourist for cultural, tour and wildlife, beaches and beautiful cities like Mombasa, Nairobi, Kilimanjaro, Harare…


Africa is best place for safari.We all know about the natural beauty of african country like kenya,tanzani.So you can enjoy here natural beauty as well as safari tour also…


Africa has a rich envoirnment to attract tourists like wildlife,rich culture and also its beautiful cities.But along all these thing africa ia famous for there safaris tour.So I will suggest you to go for a safari tour in africa.


No doubt, Maasai Mara game reserve is one of the places you would not want to miss out. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride and view some of the most exotic animals on the planets including cheetahs, zebra, giraffe, leopards, lions and elephants. If you are looking out for a good staying option, the Sarova Mara Game Camp turns out to be the right choice. Find out more.


I’ve visited the Kruger Park in South Africa myself back in 2006. Great place to visit, and you can also make a stop in Swaziland and/or travel further to Mozambique or St. Lucia (South Africa). Beautiful places to visit, you won’t regret. You can travel yourself trough to Kruger Park and/or stay there for one or more nights in one of the lodges.


I just love the tribal culture and also the mysterious jungle of Africa. Don’t miss to make your African Safari at any cost!!


The ultimate adventure is gorilla trekking in either Uganda or Rwanda. Its the most trending safari option for most of the tourists who come to Africa. You can visit the official

for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


Pack mosquito or insect repellents. Tourist destinations are relatively a safe place but it’s better to be safe.


Is there anyone who is brave enough to make a Sahara trip? :wink:


I think africa is one of the most dangerous areas. The fun is only the one side of the story. It has mosquitoes and all different insects usually people do not know about.


Africa is the most famous place for the Safari. If you want to go safari. You love animal then you can go there. These assure that you will enjoy it


An article to help you plan your Tanzania trip:


Traveling Africa is always one of things that I must achieve as a youth


Try Tanzania Safari or climbing mt kilimanjaro