Anxious about travelling solo - Europe Winter



Ive just put down my deposit for a Winter Europe trip for early 2019!

Ive been so keen and excited and everyone else has been really great about it except for my over-protective, anxious, helicopter mum.

Im one of three triplets and my mum has brought us up on her own so i can understand why is she is scared and worried about me going on this trip and her fear of something happening. I dont know how to console her or help her feel at ease about it. Its literally got to the point where she is saying she will give me the money back for the deposit ive paid and its all just making me feel anxious and rethinking the trip.

I myself suffer from anxiety and the fear that something bad is going to happen to someone i care about so i understand what shes feeling. But i also feel like this is something i have to do. That the feeling of independence and achievement is going to be out-of-this-world once i come home.

Has anybody else had experience with a freaked-out parent like this? And has anyone done a big Europe trip with Topdeck on their own (being initially anxious about it) and have been okay??


I haven’t had that but my best advice is you will be fine you will make new friends and memories that will last forever and after it you’ll realise that you worried for nothing just stick with your group and trip leader they are not scary people in fact they will be extremely friendly and approachable. :slight_smile:


I suffer from severe anxiety myself and know exactly what you mean. I’ve been on 2 o’seas trips with Topdeck and came back safe and sound. I was definitely nervous but pulled through.

The trip is definitely worth the effort and as long as you are mindful of your surroundings, have appropriate travel insurance, never walk alone even during the day and maybe have a travel SIM for backup just in case you get stuck. I wandered around into some questionable places and had no problems. However I would always recommend travelling in 2s or more. Especially at night time.

If you have any questions, I’ll see if I can assist further.


Thank you!


Thank you so much for your advice!

My anxiety keeps me super alert and aware when out in public places and differente scenarios so hopefully that will help. I think my Mum just believes that im “not ready” because of my anxiety and everything.


I have faith in you that you’ll smash your fears and face them :slight_smile:


Well I hope you go ahead with it and find a way to manage your anxiety :slight_smile:


Thank you! Im definitely going to do it! I think i was just having a moment


Hi, I am doing the March on Rome on the 29th of December is that the trip you are looking at ?


Hey! Im doing the Discover Winter leaving on the 11th of January lovely!


Hey there! I felt the same way before doing my first solo trip. I just recently did a Topdeck New Zealand tour solo and honestly it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Traveling alone is an amazing experience that will really build your self confidence. Also, I actually found it easier to make friends traveling alone than in the past when I’ve done group tours with friends. You’ll be surprised by how many other solo travelers you meet! I strongly recommend checking out the video on the Youtube channel “Kristen & Siya” called “The Truth About Solo Travel.” It definitely put my mind at ease before my trip!


I haven’t done a topdeck before, but I have done a europe contiki with one friend, and also travelled solo to Vienna for a conference.
Travelling on a tour is easy - you are very much held by the hand and not made to explore on your own unless you want to. Topdeck/contiki will be almost all Australians and you feel like you are going around with friends or a class. I felt very safe the whole tour as I always had 4+ people with me whenever we went exploring, though I did not mind going off on my own during the day.
Planes are safer than cars, and the most likely ‘bad’ thing that could happen is something getting lost or stolen (thanks insurance!). If you are an anxious person you will likely be more careful than most, so I don’t think this is likely for you. Also, don’t bother with a money belt - it is a hassle getting things out and back in, especially in winter, so carry a small purse or handbag that you keep in your hand, pocket or close to your body at all times.
If you have any family or friends that have done a tour perhaps you can get them to talk with your mum about what a great time they had, and how safe they felt. I’m sure she is just worried that you will be so far if something were to happen.


Oh my gosh you are amazing!
You have made me feel so much better already
I think part of the problem is that she hasnt ever travelled solo before and neither has anyone else in our family. And no matter how much i try to reassure her that people literally travel on their own all the time, shes just adamant that something bad is going to happen. But im definitely going to show her what you wrote! Thank you so much, lovely!


No problems :slight_smile: I have booked the same tour as you on a different starting date, so yay for good taste!

Also going in Winter the travellers tend to be couples and people who aren’t out so much to ‘party’ - I had about 20 couples and the rest mostly single girls on my tour. Obviously people vary but it wont be hard to find some like minded people. If you have booked as a twin/triple room you will be put in with some other girls, likely solo travellers too.

The scariest part being on your own would be flying and having to navigate international airports - give yourself plenty of time so you dont stress too much. I found when I landed that I would find the gate for my connecting flight first before doing any eating or shopping, just so I could get my bearings. Airports are well signed as people from all sorts of countries need to find their way around (and everything is always written in English too!).

You got this! :+1:


If you are that much worried about upcoming travel, try to relax and think only about positive things. Also, if it is not going to help you, try special medicine. For example, kratom. It is a powerful natural medicine which is widely used nowadays. It may help to feel relaxed and eliminate anxiety from your mind. I was purchasing this product from, so I can defiantly recommend these guys!


Hey Sara,
You will have an amazing time.
My mum doesnt tell me that she was worried but i know she iw, even after 7 years of travelling… I think she will worry no matter how much i travel. She knows it makes me happy though.

I found it helps when i give her all my itinerary. print out the one top deck gives you - it has a map and also all the details of your accomodation.
I have her copies of my flights and also insurance.

She told me that her and dad used to sit and read my itinerary at breakfast - to see where i was that day.

Facebook is also great, we have a family chat group… just a quick message at the end of your day with a couple of photos to show how much fun you are having will help her I’m sure!

When you get back make a special afternoon family event to showcase (do a slideshow) your photos etc. they will love it!

…then book your next holiday hehe cus the travel bug will certainly have bitten. :smiley:

Hope that helps