Another Luggage Question


So I see some people are asking about different sizes of suitcases, my one (that I am wanting to take with me - but not sure if I can) measures 67cm x 52cm x 29cm. As long as we make them under 20kg, does it matter if they are slightgly different measurements (but almost the same - e.g. 67 cuts 3cm off the top - but it is 2cm over the limit width and 4cm over the limit in thickness…

How specific are they, could there be a chance they don’t let my luggage on with these measurements?


Hey Katfox,

if you look a couple of posts down in the post that says hard shell suitcase, the admin team have provided an answer to this one for you indirectly,

(basically it will be fine, they aren’t nazis about it)



As long as it’s close enough (ie. you’re not lugging a massive bag) to their specified luggage dimension and under 20 kg’s you’ll be fine!