Another European Wonder Post! Aug 13-26


Hello, [br][br]I’m travelling solo and just wondering if theres anyone around here going on the European Wonder Tour August 13-26?? Would be great to meet some people before hand! [br][br]I’m from Canada, 22, just finished university and looking forward to my first trip to Europe![br][br]-Matt[br][br]European Wonder Tour Aug 13-26th, 2009[br]London, Belgium, Germany solo till Sept 10


Hey matt[br][br]Thankgod finally somebody else on this tour!!! i was beginning to think i was the only one! I’m getting quite excited now. I’m a 26yo Aussie from Melbourne and also travelling solo. I’ve also booked for a Greek Island Hopper leaving on the 5th Sept.[br][br]Getting close now![br][br]Nicky


Hey Nicky,[br][br]Great to hear someone else is on the tour! I mean I know there are people out there, but I guess they don’t hang out on the messageboard. I think solo is the way to go - you meet more people that way! I’m getting excited too, lots of stuff to do before I leave. Are you staying in London after the tour but before the Greek cruise?[br][br]Anybody else out there on this tour?? [br][br]-Matt[br][br]European Wonder Tour Aug 13-26th, 2009[br]London, Belgium, Germany solo till Sept 10


Hello,[br][br]I’m on the tour too. Can’t wait! I’ve got a few days in London before the tour starts. I’m from NZ (travelling solo as well). [br][br]- Julie[br][br]


Hey everyone,[br][br]yet I’m on the European Wonder tour too. I’m from Canada and travel sole. I will be in London on Monday Aug 10. So give me couple days travel around London. Looking forward to the trip and meet new people. Take care!![br][br][br]Rex


Hey all[br][br]I’m also staying in London beforehand, staying with a friend first in East London, but then staying in town from the Monday before. I’ve already booked for Generator on the 12th before the tour, not sure whether to book the other days there too or try something different.[br][br]Matt, i’ll be staying in London a night or 2 after the tour then heading up to Prague for a few days before making my way down to Athens, I plan to arrive there on the 4th Sept. All so much to plan! hope your packing’s going well![br][br]Nicky


Looks like most of us on here are going solo, which is awesome. I think its a great way to meet people. [br][br]Nicky - I’m staying in the Generator on the 12th, then on the 26th after the tour, and maybe a few days after that. Like you said, I didn’t commit myself to the Gererator after, in case there’s somthing else thats better. [br][br]Rex, where in Canada are you from? I’m from Winnipeg. [br][br]Good luck with the last minute packing and stuff everyone![br][br]European Wonder Tour Aug 13-26th, 2009[br]London, Belgium, Germany solo till Sept 10


Hey guys, [br]i’m going on that tour as well. I’m also going onthe greek island one but i’ll be on the one before (29th aug-7thsept).[br]look forward to meeting you all![br]I’m from Australia.[br]:slight_smile:


Hey :)[br]I’m from Australia and will be joining you all on the European Wonder trip 13 August! I’m staying at the Generator from Aug 10th-12th first, will anyone else be there then?[br][br]See ya soon![br][br]Michelle


Hey Michelle,[br][br]I’ve booked in for the 12th at the Generator, and now my plans for where i was staying before the tour have altered, so i was thinking of staying there from the 9th or 10th onwards. Perhaps we could meet up and explore London together if you’re up for it?[br][br]Good luck with the packing!!![br][br]Nicky [br]PS my email is if you wanna contact me that way. :slight_smile:


Hey Nicky, check your email! :)[br][br]Michelle


Hey everyone[br][br]Matt I’m coming from Vancouver[br][br]Nicky and Michelle I’ll be in London at 10th Aug. Looking for someone to explore London too! [br][br]To fellow travel mate the trip is just in the corner hope u enjoy all the packing and see u in 8 Day!!![br][br]Take care


I’ll have to get the low down on the good spots in London from those of you exploring it before the trip. [br][br]Can’t wait![br][br]Has anyone started packing?[br][br]---------------------[br]European Wonder Tour Aug 13-26th, 2009[br]London, Belgium, Germany solo till Sept 10