Anne Frank Muesum


Hey all

I was just wandering if a trip to the Anne Frank Muesum is organised as part of the tour (im doing the mega european) in Amsterdam or if it’s something we have to do in our spare time?



Hi there,

Did Ann Franks on European Escape last year, people just split up into groups pretty much and went there themselves on our free day after the bike ride. (the ones that weren’t feeling a little worse for wear went earlier than others). Been to Amsterdam a few times before and never got round to it as by the time i got there the que’s were big and gave it a miss. Was amazing to see it finally, and after being to a Concentration camp on the trip it was a very personnel moment for some people i think, having had a glimpse of the kind of place Ann was destined for when discovered. So go early i’d recommend.
Amsterdam amazing party place, great sights to see, chilled atmosphere.

Just remember when you hear “ping ping” get out the way of the bike.


yeah i can imagine it would be pretty full on going to such places!

i have read the diary of Anne Frank (as well as a billion different books on the war) and after reading it you feel like you know her get a good insight on what life was like during such an awful time.

thanks for your feedback, much appreciated and i will be sure to move out of the path of on coming cyclists lol