Anne Frank House - should i pre-book?



Not sure if anyone has any advice,

im wanting to see the Ann Frank house in Amsterdam, but friends of mine that have tried to go say the ques are rediculous - and they ended up not being ale to get in.
Do you think its worth booking ahead for the afternoon im in Amsterdam? the only problem with booking ahead is that you have to go in a certain time slot.

Any advice welcome:)

thanks! Vicki


Go early. The opening times are 9am-9pm. If your get there at spot on 9am you’ll be fine. We got there at 10 and a group of 9 of us got in no problem. But it’s up to you, it’s definitely worth going. Also make sure you get there early because the free bike tour leaves at 11.30am, and it’s AWESOME. don’t miss it. We kinda rushed through the last part of the museum to get there…


Definately go early, i think it opens at 8:30am, i went there at 9 and walked straight in. But like Nikki said dont miss the bike tour its heaps of fun.


Thanks Guys , i appareciate the advice.
Will definately be going early :slight_smile: