Hi All[br]can anyone tell me the hotel used by topdeck in amsterdam?[br]Also is there enough time to do the anne frank house?[br][br]cheers!


For the European Pioneer and the Olympic Link tours accommodation is meant to be at the Hans Brinker, which is apparently popular becuase it’s the worst hostel in the world, haha. I guess it’ll be an experience. But I’m not entirely sure for the other tours, although it’s most likely the same place.[br][br]European Pioneer: 8th July 2010[br]Britain and Ireland: 14th August 2010[br]


cheers![br]looking at the eurohotel tour czech mate


If you’re going in the middle of summer it might be worthwhile pre-booking a ticket for Anne Frank’s House on their website. If you book at around lunchtime on the second last day of tour you’ll have time then to go, and you get to skip the queue.