Amsterdam to Germany


Hi all,

Just wanting to know if anyone knows the best way to get from Amsterdam to Munich for Oktoberfest? Is the Euro rail the best option? Would I need to book ahead or can we do that when we are there on the day?

Also, is it a good idea to book somewhere to stay in Munich for Oktoberfest as it may get very busy? Anyone know of any good hotels for my husband and I to look into that is close to Munich?

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Look at some of the cheap internal European airfares. For example, I got a London to Paris flight for $69. Frankfurt is a hub in Germany so you may need to change plans but while the train system is very reliable, it can take a while.



My partner and I are doing exactly this in September this year! We have done some research, and the cheapest option so far seems to be purchasing the EuroRail Pass here in Aus, then using one of your travel days on the sleeper train from Amsterdam to Munich (we didn’t want to waste the 6 or 8 hours on train during the day). It leaves at 9pm from amsterdam. You need to reserve your seat in advance. Here is some info:

I would highly recommend booking your accom beforehand - we booked ours a few weeks ago and it is already at astronomical prices!! Even the camping spots were filling up quick and charging ridiculous amounts! We ended up finding a hotel in one of the outer suburbs near a train station and will train into the main action! The suburb was called Unterhaching.



A train ticket is likely to be a lot cheaper than a flight to Munich, unless you get a heavy discounted one. If you are going by train, book far in advance as prices can be as low as 30E for a one way ticket. Be sure to also check out:


Whatever you do, book NOW.

Both accomodation and train/flight tickets will begin to vanish as that ia a huge festival.


My boyfriend and i are going on the sleeper train from Amsterdam to Oktoberfest.

When abouts are u guys going to be at Oktoberfest ?


Wanting to head to Oktoberfest 28th, 29th and 30th September but havn’t booked accommodation as yet or a flight!!

Any good suggestions? Somewhere where my husband and I can get in and out easily as well as safe and secure for our luggage!!


Well i am at Oktoberfest 18th-20th Sept and we left it a bit late to book. So my boyfriend n i have had to book the Hilton for the 2 nights. We were looking for a hostel, but could not find any decent look places that still had double rooms left.