Amsterdam New Years 16/17


Hi, I was looking to possibly book the 4 day Amsterdam NY trip, is anyone else looking to book this trip? I will be going solo and just checking as to whether anyone else has booked this trip yet.


Hiya, I think I will be booking this trip over the weekend. I’d also be travelling solo :slight_smile: Let me know if you book it!xx


Hi Naomi, I’ve just taken the plunge and gone ahead and booked it! So excited / nervous (first timer! :grin: ) - Did you end up booking the trip over that weekend? xx


Hiya, I haven’t booked yet but will do it tomorrow! Add me on Facebook if you want :slight_smile:


Hello, i’m thinking of booking onto this New Year trip. Wonder how many other people are booked onto it.


Hi Jason, did you end up booking the trip? Unfortunately you cannot see how many other people are booked on to the trip.


I have booked onto it! I booked my place yesterday.



I have been looking into booking this New Year trip! I also will be traveling solo as well. It would be my first time too! I thought it would be a fantastic way to meet some new people and see in the New Year a bit differently.

Have you all booked on for the trip? :slight_smile:


Just booked this. Anyone stopping at the prearrange accommodation before and after? I’ve had to stop over the extra night as no trains back home New Year’s Day so a night out in London it is. I’m Travelling solo too.


Hey guys! I’m booked in too. Also flying solo.
@mikeyboy is that the Wombat hostel? Not sure when I’m leaving Europe yet so will probably crash there!


cool… Should be a laugh with all us solo travellers. Yeah @ash.w it’s Wombats Hostel.


Hey Guys! I’ve just booked this today and travelling solo also :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Just booked the trip also traveling solo :smile::upside_down_face:


Hi everyone!
I’m thinking of travelling solo and I’m a little hesitant in booking this one! :smiley:
Anyone knows which hostel we would be staying in amsterdam?


Hey Tina! I’m not sure what the hostel is best to drop topdeck a message but just thought I’d let you know when I booked the trip about a week back their was only 4 spaces left on the trip


Hey Aidan!

Thanks for letting me know:) I think I’ll decide in the next day or two. I might just come straight to Amsterdam instead of flying to London since I’m coming from Canada.


Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of booking this trip and I am also travelling alone. It would be great to meet some new people and celebrate the new year together :smile:


Hey everyone,
I’m keen too. Have just decided to do something for New Years and this sounds awesome. I’ll be on my own too. :wave:t4::hugs:strong text


Hey Tina, did you end up booking? I’ll probably already be in Amsterdam too so will miss the London --> Amsterdam leg.


Hey there… Thinking of booking this last minute but worried I might be really old!!! How old is everyone?