Amsterdam New Years 15/16


Hi All!!
I’m thinking at booking the 4 day Amsterdam new years trip. Is anyone else already booked into this?? I’d be going solo and wanted to see if there was anyone else going by themselves!! Also I was thinking of doing something else after this trip… Any ideas??

By the way I’m from Perth, Western Australia!

Grace :slight_smile:


I was also looking into this trip and wondering if anyone else was doing it. I was planning on going solo too :blush: have you booked?


Hey yeah I ended up booking it! Do it. Haha


Hi! I’m doing this tour as well! I’m also solo :smile:


Also, I’m doing Spires in the Snow after this :slight_smile: it starts on 4 January in Budapest


Yay @Michelle_Thompson! Yeah I needed up booking winter spirit on the 5th :yum:


Sounds awesome :slight_smile: there’s another group in Winter trips for this tour if you want to speak to more people :slight_smile:


*ended up

Oh really? Haha okay thanks I’ll have to find it


No problems! We have links to our facebooks and stuff :smile:


Hey Grace -

My name is John Weber. I booked the trip in Amsterdam too. It’s going to be very intense! I’ll be in London before 4 days before the tour and again 3 days after we return from Amsterdam. So let me know if you plan on doing something. I’m doing a helicopter ride on 2 January if anyone’s interested and a speed boat tour before the trip. Anything else sounds good to me as well! You can look me up on a facebook search as “John Weber IV.”


Hey Salmac -

Yes, I booked the trip. You should consider it too!

John Weber


Hey john - yes very intense!!! Yay glad I’ll have a friend in London after this trip is done for a few days!!




Heyy, i still don’t know yet whether i’m going to book it. Really2x tempted though, and i will also be going solo heading to amsterdam from london as well haha. So if i do end up booking this tour, it’ll be great to meet u all :wink:


Just book it :slight_smile: Getting super close now!


I am also going to Amsterdam for New Years, I’m going on my own aswell and was wondering if anyone is staying at the wombats hotel in london?


Hey mate. Yeah, I’m staying at Wombat’s on the 26th and 27th, but staying at Clink 78 on the 28th. I’ll be staying at Clink 78 for a few days after the tour as well. It’s going to be awesome!


I will reach there by tomorrow. By the way Where are you going to stay?


hi, I am looking at going this year. How was the trip last year? do you recommend it?