Amsterdam Hotels


Hey a friend and i are doing the Winter spirit tour from the 21st of jan till the 13th of feb and i was researching the list of hotels which they say we will be staying in and i looked up the one they say were staying in in Amsterdam and it looks horrific!!! I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the HANS BRINKER HOSTEL and could tell me if its good or bad??? thanks[br][br]Lauren


hahaha…Oh, the Hans Brinker…you’re not wrong, it is horrific…[br][br]…But, it’s probably the worst you’ll come across…The Hans Brinker has benefits to it also though…it’s actually in the best location to everything you could possibly need in Amsterdam. I was quite freaked out by the place (in fact as you walk in the door there is a sign “Attention Neat Freaks” and then goes on to warn you that ‘neat freaks’ are destroying the words immune system and about how we need germs…lol), but now that I have stayed there and found the benefit of the location, I probably wouldn’t stay anywhere else. There’s a pretty cool (and grubby) bar/nightclub downstairs which is worth a look.[br][br]You’ll freak out when you first see the place, but really, I think it is quite clean…I wouldn’t worry too much :)[br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia


haha haha oh the hans brinker…[br]what an experience…[br]two of my mates on the tour were so disgusted by this place, they went and checked into a hotel for the two nights we were in amsterdam.[br]haha[br][br]the showers were basically not even functional. it was purely disgusting.[br]i felt cleaner NOT showering at that place than actually showering.[br][br]it’s a shame that amsterdam is usually the last stop for topdeck trips and u have to spend ur last stay in a place like this.[br][br]i actually told my tour leader that topdeck should revise his place… but in saying that it was very funny staying there because of how disgusting it was.[br][br]i was in amster in summer, and i also travelled to amsterdam a few weeks back for 3 days.[br][br]it is BEAUTIFUL at the moment because of all the christmas lights, but my god it is cold… so rug up.[br]and i’m sure hans brinker will have no heating so that should be fun![br][br]it is a good location (and there’s a coffee shop 100m away) and it’s a very short walk to leidesplein where all the pretty christmas lights are.[br][br]hope u have a fantastic time! at least ur prepared now for the ****ty accommodation! :)[br][br]…Colina…[br]…Grand European - July 28th 2009…[br]?The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.? - Saint Augustine


Oh Dear[br][br]I am booked in this hostel, but luckily for one night only, I am heading across to Amsterdam before my tour since I dont get to actually visit it on tour.[br][br]Is this the place where topdeck stays if your going through Amsterdam, hopefully I might meet some people if thats the case since I will be in Amsterdam all alone… kinda a scary thought


I wouldn’t panic about the Hans Brinker…not going to lie, it is FERAL, but if its only for a night or two, you will manage…the location far outweighs the negatives about the actual premises![br][br]Also, don’t be too worried about Amsterda, we actually found it really really safe. The red light district is a little sketchy and you should be cautious, but out of those laneways (and away from the pimps looking for young females to recruit), which really isn’t that much of the city, the place is very safe at night and during the day. The people are lovely and VERY friendly, the coffee shops are extremely safe (if your into trying that sort of thing) and it’s a very beautiful city…you’ll have fun exploring! :)[br][br]Enjoy![br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia


I have actually just changed my accomodation, I have now booked into the Flying Pig Downtown instead I have heard this place is better and now I am in a 4 person room instead of an 11 person room.


Come on guys it’s not that bad!
I was there last week and i coped. I don’t really know what everyone’s on about.

Think of it as an experience…