Amsterdam Bank Holiday - Queens Day


Hi guys!!

I’m considering booking this trip -

Just wondering if anyone’s got any advice / feedback on Amsterdam, and whether this is a good tour to be doing solo?

Hope to hear from you!

Mich :wink:


Hi Mich

Ive been to Amsterdam twice and i LOVE it!!! (and im going back again for New Years Eve this year) There is so much to do and its so varied, gorgeous canals and cafes and museums and then there is the red light district and the amazing night life.

I wouldnt hesitate to go solo, you will meet people on the tour and you will be friends for life within 24 hours. :slight_smile:



Hi Nicola!

Thanks SO much for the encouraging feedback!! Just what I needed!!

Hope you have an amazing time at NYs! And I hope to get back to you about the amazing time I had in May!!

Mich :-[


I’ve been to Amsterdam before and I have also just booked this trip. I’m travelling solo as well so there will be plenty of ppl that u will get to. I’ve heard great things about this festival so am really looking forward to the trip. :slight_smile:


I just booked this trip last night, apparently I got the last seat-so got in just in time! I am travelling solo to.