Amsterdam August 2010



I finish my tour around Scandinavia in mid-August and have a few days to kill in between heading from London to Spain for La Tomatina!! I’ve done the London thing and don’t particularly want to stay around there for the week, but haven’t been to Amsterdam yet!! Does anyone know of any short few day tours from London to Amsterdam or has anyone done it solo?? (I have checked a couple of tour places and lots don’t run between August 17 & August 23). I would much rather be with other people to share the experience with and also not be a female alone in Amsterdam!

Has anyone faced the same situation or done it alone before???



Look at the Stenalines website. They have cheap rail and sail packages which will take you from London to Amsterdam. Will probably be your cheapest option.


Thanks Matthew! It is actually really cheap to get there.

If anyone else knows of tours or anything around then just for a few days let me know!


For bonus points if you wanted to explore the region some more you can get a eurail rail pass called the “Benelux” pass which gives you unlimited rail travel in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg which would be cool to explore.