Amount of walking required


Hi there, We are doing a camping tour next year and just wondering about how much walking is required each day? I have a back and hip injury which currently gives me a lot of pain when walking and sitting. I’m hoping to get it fixed by the end of this year, but if not, I will need to be prepared as to how much walking I will need to do.


Hi Jessica,

Sorry I cant really help you about a camping trip but I did the Greek Island Hopper in May which is an Explorer trip and I was NOT prepared for the amount of walking we did. On one day we did a 16km walk around Athens…I nearly died but it was well worth it and it has not put me off doing 2 more Topdecks early next year :wink:


Hi Jessica,

Be prepared to walk. While places like London, Paris and Barcelona have fantastic public transport systems to get around the place, the smaller places don’t. It is usually much faster to walk between sites than catch PT. Each orientation tour is walking and takes between 1-2 hours. If you can handle that then you should be OK as you can do as much or little as you like. Keep in mind that you will be walking on cobble stones / concrete / tarmac and very little soft surfaces which is always harder on the feet.

BUT, there are cafes everywhere and if you are feeling sore, stop and have a coffee!

Stacey :slight_smile:


hi amy

how was greek island hopper im doing it next year . im so excited . have u done any other tours with topdeck . im also doing summer fun and sailing tour do u know nayone who has done this tour ? feed back would be great :slight_smile:


Hi Jessica,
I did the mega euro camping tour earlier this year and in most places it was ALOT of walking, but only for the orientation tours with the tour leader or local guide. If you like you have the freedom to skip these if you let the crew know what you plan to do, and jump on a city tour bus and see all the same things from a bus seat. Of course you have to pay for these things, but if you can’t handle walking for long times it would be worth it. I remember that our orientation tour of Rome took 5 hours and it was a killer in the summer heat.
hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hey Hannah,
What did the 5 hour Rome tour consists off? i.e. Trevi Foutain, other attractions etc.



Hey Jess
It was basically every big attraction in Rome - Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Hadrian’s Temple, Victor Emmanuel Monument, plus a few other monuments along the way. We walked the whole thing, which is why it took longer (instead of using the metro to get to each place). It was definitely worth it.

If it is not something that you could do comfortably with your hip/back with the group, then there is always the next day(free day) where you can do it all in your own time.