American Dream Tour Commencing 9th August 2016


Hello, I am doing the American Dream tour starting in LA on 9th August 2016 and going through to Miami. I will be travelling solo so just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour. I will also be arriving in LA a couple of days early and staying an extra day in Miami at the end of the tour.


Hi Kylie, I will also be on this tour and travelling solo :slight_smile: Im working out dates so that I will be in LA early too.


Hi Cathryn,
Awesome another solo traveller. I am arriving in LA on 6th August, but not sure where I’m staying yet. Maybe we could meet up, depending on when you arrive and what your plans are?



Yeah a bit nervous but it will be a great trip :slight_smile: I’m looking at going to LA around the 4th and doing a bit of exploring before the tour. I still haven’t made any accommodation plans yet. Would be great to meet up somewhere.
Do you have anything planned before the tour in LA??



I’m really looking forward to it :smile: . The nerves haven’t kicked in yet, but I’m sure they will . Have you done any other tours before?
I was thinking of doing a shopping trip out to the outlet stores and maybe Disneyland or Universal studios as I’m not sure if there will be enough time to do both on the tour.



Narh I haven’t done any others, this will be my first one… how about you?? oh that would be good - I was thinking about doing Disneyland before the tour but will see what happens :slight_smile:


I’ve done one other tour, but it wasn’t with Top Deck and it was also quiet a few years ago now. You will really enjoy it I’m sure, there will be other people in the same position. Cool, I’m starting to look into a few things to do before the now so i’ll let you know how I go. :slight_smile:


Hey Kylie and Cathryn!
I’m doing the American Dream tour solo aswell :slight_smile: Arriving in L.A on the 7th of August and staying an extra night in Miami at the end of the tour also! Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Hi Catherine,
Fantastic, another solo traveller. :smile: Looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone as well. Have you got any plans for after you arrive in LA yet?


No I haven’t got any plans yet! I’m staying at the Miyako hotel on the 7th and 8th which is the one our tour starts from on the 9th. I’ll probably just check out the food and the shopping!! Haha :slight_smile:


That’s where I’ll be staying too, just booked it yesterday. Thought it was easier than trying to find my way there from somewhere else. Cool, shopping is a definite!! :grinning: Maybe we could meet up, depending on our plans?


Yeah definitely! Will be awesome to meet a friend before the tour starts :smiley:


I’m on American Dream Tour starting in LA on 9 August 2016. I’m travelling solo too. I’m arriving in LA on 8 August and spending an extra day in Miami (post-tour). Would be great to catch up before tour :slight_smile:


Hi Dean,
Terrific another solo traveller. I’m still planning what I will be doing pre tour, but catch up sounds good shall time/plans permit. Will be in contact once the trip gets a bit closer. :grinning:


Hi everybody, I’ll be on this tour too. First time going solo, so excited!
I arrive on Aug 8 and will be staying in the hotel that the tour starts in.


Hi guys!

I think I’m on the same tour but only with the Stars and Stripes tour stopping in New York! Do you guys start on the 9th and fly into New York from San Fran on the 18th? If so, I think we could be travel buddies. Would be great to meet y’all before the tour starts.




Hey everyone! It’s getting pretty close now, I’m so super excited :smiley: I’m arriving in LA on the 6th of August and staying at the hotel we depart from (Miyako hotel) I’m planning on doing universal studios or Disneyland before the tour starts if there is anybody else arriving early who wants to join me! :slight_smile:


Hey Catherine, I know so close. I’m also arriving on 6th August and staying at the hotel the tour starts from. I was also thinking of doing one of these before the tour starts. I would be interested in joining you. Do you know which one you will do and what day. :slight_smile:


I am happy to do whatever and any day it will just be a relief to have someone to do something with haha! :slight_smile: We could add each other on Facebook and chat about it??


Yeah same. Sure that sounds good, your welcome to look me up or if you are unable to find me by name as im not sure of my privacy settings, here is my email I will see if i can find you :slight_smile: