American dream June 2019


Hi guys, I’m doing the American dream tour starting the 18th of June. I arrive in LA on the 16th if anyone wants to meet up and do Disneyland or something! If you’re doing these trips let me know :slight_smile:


I’m looking into doing this trip starting on the 18th, this will be my first solo trip and am super keen to go to Disneyland :blush:


Hi, I land in LA on the morning of the 16th so if you do book this trip and want to meet up beforehand let me know. :slight_smile:


Hi Tallisa, I am planning to do the same, arriving in LA on 16th. Can i know where you travelling from? I am from melbourne and it will be great if we can meet up in LA on 16th cheers xx[


Hi! Travelling from Brisbane via Sydney :slight_smile:


Hi Tallissa! Not much use but I’m doing this tour too but mine starts on the 4th of June! :smile: