American Dream (February-March 2016)


Hi folks,

I’ll be doing the American Dream tour, starting in Los Angeles on February 15th. I’ll be getting into LA a day earlier and staying in Miami for an extra two nights after the tour ends, before heading back to LA for another three nights and then back to Sydney!

It’ll be my very first time overseas and I’ll be travelling alone. But I’m super excited! And also super looking forward to meeting my co-conspirators for the trip!

Just thought that I should start this discussion if there are any other folks who’ll be on the trip who are keen on touching base or just simply sharing in the mutual excitement.

I can’t wait!

See you all very soon,

Elliot :smile:


Hey Elliot.
My name is Emma and my best friend and I are doing the American Dream tour on the same date. CANT WAIT!!!
We will be in LA 3 days before the tour starts and then spending another 3 weeks after it finishes. Heading over to Cancun, then back to Miami for Ultra Music Festival, then Vegas for a few days and then LA for 3, then back to Adelaide.
Cant wait to meet you! :smiley:


Hi Emma (and Emma’s friend)!

Your trip plans sound awesome! I’m pretty jealous. How long after the tour are you in Miami before you head to Cancun?

Will you guys be doing Alcatraz while we’re in San Francisco? The bookings recently opened up. I’ve booked mine for 11am on Tuesday the 23rd of Feb if you guys were interested :smile:

Is this your first tour? I have no idea what to expect, but I guess that’s half of the excitement!

Sorry for all the questions. Inquisition is my way of coping with overwhelming excitement haha



We are staying just the one extra night in Miami, then have a 10am flight to Cancun.
Have you organised the accommodation for those extra nights? We don’t really know where to stay in Miami after the tour.

YESSS! We would love to go to Alcatraz on the 23rd. :smiley:

Yeah, this is our first ever tour - I have no idea what to expect either. But we are so excited!!!


Yeah I’ll be staying at Hostelling International, Miami Beach. It’s just further south on the same street as our hotel for the tour. I figure that I will most likely be pretty broke by then, so decided to keep things as cheap as possible. My travel agent has stayed with this hostel before and says they are really good.

I’ve never stayed at a hostel before … so I guess that’s another first for me!

I’m also thinking of taking a trip down to the Everglades on the 6th. Miami Tour Company have some cool packages and they can pick you up from the hotel and drive you back afterwards. I haven’t decided which package I’ll go with yet, so I might leave that for closer to the date.

And cool! If you’re going to buy Alcatraz tickets, apparently they book out several weeks in advance, so keep an eye on availabilities. Make sure you buy them from the official website, as all others are just re-sellers and charge you extra so they can make their cut!



HI Guys

I am Andrew from Queensland I will be on the tour as well. Should be awesome


Hey guys, I’m doing American dreams 2017 feb/March and just wanted to know what you guys thought?!
Was it a packed tour ? We’re the places amazing? Thanks :blush:


Hey there!

Sorry for the delay … I didn’t actually see this message until now!

That’s awesome to hear that you’re doing the American Dream trip next year. The best testimony that I can give you is that it was truly the time of my life! I’m normally not one for massive groups and going out all the time, but the trip was a real blast. I met so many amazing people and I’ve actually managed to meet up with several of them since returning to Australia.

America is an amazing country. The people are very nice, the cities are amazing and there are so many crazy things to do. You’ll have a ball.

Yosemite, San Francisco and New York were the highlights for me, but in all honesty the whole trip was pretty amazing. The best advice I can give is to sleep as little as possible! Save that for the long bus trips. Spend as much time as possible just walking around each city and soaking it all in.

Almost as soon as I got back to Australia I was planning my next Topdeck tour. Now I’m going to Europe in June next year!

Hope it all goes amazingly for you. Feel free to shoot me a message if you had any questions :slight_smile:



Oh wow that sounds all amazing!!
I’m doing the Stars and Stripes tour, which I think is half of the American Dreams tour

How much money did you roughly spend a day & were you able to do both universal and Disneyland?



Stars and Stripes tour should be really exciting! A majority of my favourite parts of the American Dream tour are in that tour as well so you should have a great time.

As for how much I spent per day, I think it probably would have averaged out to $120 AU per day, though keep in mind the exchange rate was worse then, so it would probably be closer to $110 per day now. I also did as many optional extras as possible, went to several basketball games and also had a lot more to drink than I was expecting haha

And unfortunately there isn’t enough time during the LA schedule of the tour to do both Universal and Disneyland, as each would take up a whole day. My advice would be to get to LA a day or two before the tour and do one of the parks then, and then do the other park during the second day of the tour when the tour leader books it for you.

Hope this helps!