American Dream 25th October


Hey Guys, Im a solo traveler from New Zealand heading over to LA a few days before the tour starts, who else is booked on this trip? :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m booked on Stars and Stripes which is the first half and then I do the southern exposure :slight_smile: !
I’m from Melbourne, aus!


Oh awesome ! Yay finally found someone haha have you found anyone else on the tour?


Haha nope :frowning: Ive been looking heaps lately too! I’m surprised we haven’t found others haha.
I’ll be getting to LA on the 23rd of October :slight_smile:


Yeah thats strange, hopefully they appear soon! Oh cool im heading over a few days early with a couple of friends :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed :slight_smile:
nice, I’m travelling solo so extremely nervous but excited now!!
I was meant to be going in Feb but changed it to earlier :slight_smile:

is this your first trip to the states?


Hay guys me and my friend are doing this tour on the 25th of October too :slight_smile: we are arriving in LA on the 24th


Yeah my first trip too im really nervous haha. Hey Amie! Awesome, where are you two from?


We are from the Gold Coast, Australia :slight_smile:
Have use got any ideas as to what you wanna do on the free days in each city?


Oh nice! Not too sure but i definitely want to go to Universal Studios in LA and Alcatraz in San Fran. My friend who went on the same tour said Alcatraz gets booked out so you need to book before hand so im hoping to do that but would be keen to book the same time as others if their thinking of doing it too :slight_smile: how about you?


I’m so keen for Alcatraz!! :slight_smile:
I’m thinking I want to do the movie star home tour and the universal studios too.
I get into LA on the 23rd though, so I have heaps of time to kill in LA :slight_smile:


Okay cool we should organise to book a time for Alcatraz on that free day before the trip! Yeah they would both be good to do as well! I think i may do a movie tour before hand then the universal on the tour :slight_smile:


yeh totally keen to organise a day for Alcatraz!
I looked online at some of the tours and there’s a pretty good movie homes one which I’m thinking of doing on the day before the tour.
I think it goes for 3 hours so if anyones keen to join, more than welcome :slight_smile:
universal studios will be amazing! eeee cant wait! seriously so close haha.
how much spending money are you guys taking for the activities and stuff?


Awesome! I think im doing a Malibu movie tour when i get there with my partner and his friend, im not too sure what we have planned for the day before the tour starts though as we will be swapping over hotels etc, its all a bit up in the air atm thanks though! :slight_smile: and i have no idea about spending money! It says on the site approx 60USD aye? What were you thinking?


Oh exciting!! I booked the Miyako hotel which is the hotel we meet at so I didn’t get lost haha I figured I’m by myself, the last thing I want to happen is to get lost or late haha!
I’m not to sure, I was thinking the 60 aswell but I think so optional activities are quite expensive so I was going to budget for them too! :slight_smile:


Yeah thats where im booked too for the night of the 24th! So it shouldn’t be hard to meet up before hand :slight_smile: Yeah thats a good idea!


Super easy! We’re bound to bump into each other either way if we’re at the same hotel haha!
What sort of clothes and stuff were you guys thinking of taking too? I think the weather is warm in some areas and cold in others so I was thinking of packing abit of both but it’s going to be so hard to judge weather to take more warm stuff or cool stuff haha


Defs! IIts a bit of a difficult time to go weather wise haha be so much easier if it was hot everywhere then we could bring lots of clothes! I think im going to bring a bit of everything! Summer and winter things haha Im hoping itll still be quite warm in LA!


Yeh I was thinking of packing abit of both, New York will be so cold but I think LA and Vegas ect will be okay :slight_smile:


Hey guys. Just booked myself in for the American dreams tour on 25th Oct. I’m from Aus :blush: il be travelling solo too and first time to USA! So pumped…its gonna be awesome. Nice to meet everyone beforehand :blush: