American Dream 2019


Hello, I am a solo traveller from Perth, Western Australia doing the American Dream trip on the 8th of October to 23rd October 2019. if your doing this trip let me know :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Im doing the 19th of November one!


Heyy yes Iโ€™m about to book the October trip starting on the 8th :slight_smile:
Iโ€™m also a solo traveller coming from Melbourne, this will be my first solo trip. Looking forward to it :blush:


oh yay! add me on facebook Olivia Bosworth :slight_smile:


Awesome just did !!! but I hope I added the right Olivia haha there are a few of you :blush:


you did the wrong one babe!! whatโ€™s your name iโ€™ll add you :blush:


I booked tour for this month.


Oh no haha oops, I just tried another hopfulli this one is you haha :slight_smile: Nicole heussi