America Trip 2016



Is anyone looking at doing an American Trip in 2016???

Thinking of going solo…bit nervous!!!



Hello, I am looking at doing the Stars and Stripes Tour in May 2016 and also travelling alone for the first time! What tour was you thinking of doing?


Hey! I have just book the stars and stripes tour from the 1st May to 13th May! Im Solo too!!

Would be awesome to know few people before we head off!


Hey, I’m looking at doing the American Road Trip around July 2016. Going to be going solo never really travelled before so should be fun.


Hey, I’m actually booked into 2 tours for 2016… Road Trip USA Ex LA 7th December and then New York New Years 30th December to 2nd January 2017!
I will also be by myself and this will be my first trip overseas!!! (Cruises don’t count lol)
To say I’m a bit excited is an understatement… I already have a countdown on my phone!!!


Hello! I’m looking at doing the Golden States tour September 2016, also solo! I haven’t booked yet, i’m not sure when I should!


Hey Sarah,

I am doing two tours solo it’s going to be scary but fun at the same time.


Hey. I’m doing golden States and Canadian Rockies tours in June/July 2016 travelling solo.


I’m doing the Stars & Strips September 6-18 then Southern Exposure from September 18-Oct 06.

Also going solo from Australia with a fear of flying haha!


I’m doing the Stars and Stripes tour March 2016. Also travelling solo. It’ll be fun because you wont really be alone, youll have people with you in the tour :smiley:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m looking at doing Road Trip USA in July next year! Did a topdeck around Europe last year and so exciting to start counting down to the next trip! Just trying to find details like how many hours we will spend on a bus!


Hi @Brianna_Milne i’m doing the same tour as you, also travelling sole and my first time over seas. Cant wait!! :smile:


Bestie and i are looking at doing the southern charm trip 29th sept -8th oct with a few days in la before hand and a fews days in ny after trip is done


I am doing the Road Trip USA on the 21st of August :slight_smile:


I am doing this tour next year also and my travel agent rung up and asked how many hours we will spend on a bus as i was told to ask this because it could be quite a few hours, I did Europe last year and it’s not as long the longest we will spend on a bus is 8 hours with stops every 2 hours and thats to Texas (I think) but most of the bus rides are only around 4 hours :slight_smile:


I’m looking to do a 10 USA tour solo …anyone else doing the same thing?


hey My fiance and I are doing the stars and Stripes tour 12th April - 25th April…anyone else doing Stars and stripes in April


RoadTrip USA leaving NYC 28th Feb


I am planning on doing the Stars & Stripes 21st June to 3rd July.
I haven’t booked yet but this seems like the best time for me to go with getting leave approved from work.
Anyone else booked or planning on booking this tour?


Hello, I am planning to visit London next month. Finding some more place which I can visit and want to make it better :stuck_out_tongue: then the last trip which I had as a business trip.