Am i too old? hehe


:-[im nearly 29 and thinking of doing a clubeuro tour… are alot of people my age or way way younger? im not a huge drinker and dont want a trip to be all about that… just not sure if i will fit in…


on my tour the oldest was 39 and the youngest as 20. so no your not too old. just remember your there to see the sights and so on, pick and choose the nights you want to have a drink or not. enjoy yourself.


pffttt… I am 34 and my girlfriend is 35, we are doing a topdeck in October… I did Contiki 2 years ago, I was the oldest on our tour but it really didn’t matter… I still had a ball!
don’t worry about age…


Yep I’m with Trent. I’m 34 and going on my very first overseas trip with Topdeck next month. I really don’t mind if I’m the oldie of the group, I’ve been waiting forever for this opportunity so I intend to make the most of it! I’m not a huge drinker either, but I am happy to have a night out with new friends regardless. Nothing to say you have to write yourself off every night and I find just being in a fun atmosphere is enough to really enjoy yourself. :wink:


I was told that these tours are 18-35… I’m 33 and leaving for a tour in 2 weeks. I may be one of the oldest on it, but I can’t wait to explore and have a great time :slight_smile:


18 to 39 actually