Am I too old? Europe June - Sept 2016


I am looking at booking Europe Inspired next year between June and September. I will be 29 by then and just wondering what trips anyone else over 25 is doing during this time?

Are there many people over 25 that go on these trips?



Hi there.
I’ll be 25 next year and I’m doing the mega European trip. :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi maryanneeeee
Thanks for replying…have you done a contiki before?


No! this is my very first time travelling solo as well as going to Europe so im really scared but at the same time so excited for what will come :slight_smile:

Have you travelled solo before?


On our trip, I would suggest that most people were 25+. We got back a few weeks ago. I’m 29, my husband is 32 and the oldest on the trip was 35. I wouldn’t worry about age at all. I barely noticed the age differences between our youngest (19) and anyone else.


Hell no!.

I’ll be 27 next year and doing the Mega European from 19th July to 5th September, and can’t wait :).


So glad to hear there is older people on the tours! I’m 31 and going on a winter trip and its been my only concern that i’d be the old one :confused:


I was 29 on the first Topdeck tour, as were a few other people on the trip, while there were also people in their late 30s.

On my second, I was 30, and there were a few 40 year olds on the tour with us.

Age really is a number to an extent on these trips, despite there being bit of a stigma that Topdeck/Contiki tours are nothing but drinking & late nights, its really what you make of it.


25 is definitely fine :smile:


30+ is too old for top deck. they need to reduce age limit. hated when one of my other tours was all 30+ year old couples… boring


My tour had the age range of 18-36. Most people were in their mid to late twenties. I was 30 when went and I’ll be almost 32 this time.

25 is definitely not too old :smiley:


I’m doing my first solo trip and I actually turn 25 on the trip. I had never considered going by myself before but u think having a mix of all ages would be good :grinning:


Who says 25 is old? Besides no one is too old to travel. Go for it :smile:


When we were deciding the parts of our honeymoon we were going to do as parts of a tour, we looked at the average age of travellers for each of the most popular companies. Topdeck showed themselves to aim a bit older than Contiki and a fair bit younger than companies like Trafalgar, I think you’ll be fine as an over 25 year old travelling so long as you like groups of people.

Age doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor for travel like this, it’s how much you like time in the company of others that counts.