Am I old?


Another question I have is… Am I too old to be doing a top deck tour. I know the age is 18 to 30 something but everyone seams to be 18-21
Who out there is over 21-22 and doing a tour? I am doing the European Emperor the 2nd of August from London with my boyfriend. I am 27 a young 27 but I am worried I’ll be classified as the oldie or the couple! Thoughts?


Hey there Rachael. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, as long as you can have fun I think. I"m going on my first trip alone with Topdeck in a couple weeks, and I’m almost 29!


hey gals,

I was worried about the same thing!

I’m 27 am i am doing the Topdeck Grand European on the 7th of June…


Hey guys, I’m 29 and turn 30 while I’m on my Spirit of Europe tour later this year! I’m hoping I won’t be the grandma of the trip! I went on a contiki a couple of years ago and there were quite a few people who were in their mid 20’s to 30 so I’m hoping Topdeck will be the same! My contiki trip was through the USA though where the drinking age is higher so that could have been why also.


Hey Rachael.

Don’t worry “bitso” (this is an African name when two people have a same name, they call each other “bitso”) you are just a baby to me. Hey Guys I’m finishing the calendar this year while I’m on my Oktoberfest Camping trip and it is my first trip alone in Topdeck also.

Just go there and enjoy yourself with your boyfriend.


Haha talk about old! I’m 25 and getting married! Sooooo boring!


Hey Im 26 and doing the grand European on the 26th of July. I was also worried about the same thing but I’ve been hearing that out of Contiki and Topdeck, Topdeck age group is a little older and isn’t as focused on going out and getting smashed up every night. :slight_smile:


Wow thanks everyone! I feel a lot better!
Jemma I think you are right in saying that top deck is more of a mixed age group and contiki is mostly under 21’s.
25 and married! Thats cool, I am 27 and my long time bf is 24 we plan to get married next year and he will still be 25 too!
Hey Bisto Thanks I will enjoy myself!
Kiwi Mel have fun!
Lita we must not be too old! Yay!
Thanks Lindsay!
Now I am feeling re assured! :slight_smile: and excited!


Hi Rachel

Ive just turned 31 and doing a tour next month :slight_smile:


You’re not old, lol! I’ll be (almost) 25 and my bf will be 26 on our trip this year. And anyway, who cares about age! I’m hopeless at picking ages anyway.


Yup im 27 also, definately not to old.
Enjoy yourself after all its your money and your their to have your own experience


Hey Im 27 (turning 28) but like having fun :slight_smile:
Last summer I did both topdeck and contiki and no problems and was not the oldest on the trip. I have also made some great friends that are 21 :slight_smile: I think its more about atittude than age. With the contiki I did the hotel option and I think that brings an older crowd than the camping. But I had the best summer last year - Have a great time :slight_smile: PS The Topdeck Greek island hopper was some of the best 9 days of my life


I will be 36 when my tour starts so will probably be one of the oldest on the tour.

Might make a change from the tour I am doing before this one where I’m with a different company and think i might be one of the younger ones on tour.


hi. I’m turning 35 next month and joining the scandi express 12-21 June.I’m also concerned about the age issue.
The last time I travelled with a tour group was 7yrs ago on 2 contiki’s and I felt old then:-( imagine how I m feeling abt this upcoming trip.


My husband and I are 28 and are just back from a Euroclub trip. Although we were older than most, we weren’t the oldest, but age wasn’t an issue.

We chose Topdeck because we wanted a younger, more fun crowd, we didn’t want to be on a bus full of oldies (probably like many of you!). Everyone was easy to get along with, and except for a couple of conversations - eg Person 1: “this song reminds me of 3rd grade”, Me: “this song played at my year 12 formal! Now I feel old” - you don’t really notice the age difference.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any other way! Enjoy your trips everyone!!! ;D


Oh thank the lord. Here I was thinking I would be the Yoda of Topdeck. I’ve just turned 31. I’m not fussed what age people are on my tour. I just look forward to meeting my fellow tourmates.

I’m not sure about the age range on my own tour, but for me age is not an issue. I’m sure we’ll all get on just fine. I’m the youngest of four, my eldest brother is 15 years older than me. I manage a team with staff ranging in age from 19 through to 48. If that hasn’t prepared me for different personalities on a tour, I don’t know what will! :slight_smile:


My fiance and I will both be 24 when we go on our tour in November this year (Grand Kiwi Reverse) and I was a little worried about this too! As long as you can talk to people, it doesn’t really matter what their age is, I reckon!


i did contiki last year at 22 and the girl there was 27-28 outdrank the entire tour. she was a complete party animal so it’s def not too old!


I’m 25 and Im going on the Europe Uncovered tour on the 8th September. :slight_smile: seems like everything is around the same age :slight_smile:


Im 25 and I hope Im not considered old haha. Im doing SPirit of Europe leaving on the 13/09/11