Am I a complete nana? Any1 doing Eurohotel Style?


Reading through all the tours most people are doing on this forum, it seems like everyone is doing Euroclub and Camping style trips!! Am I being a complete nana?


Not at all! Well i don’t consider myself a nanna and i’m doing the euro hotel;)[br][br]Which tour are you doing?


Great, good to hear! Doing the Discover Europe, 26 days leaving 22 August. Really nervous as I’m doing it by myself and I’m a tour virgin :-[ Bit worried it might be abit long on a coach, but I’ve decided now… what tour are you doing?


I’m doing Discover Europe which starts on the 31st July… not long to go now! :)[br][br]This is my first trip to Europe and will be travelling with my (new) hubby and 2 friends. We’re all tour virgins too ;D[br][br]I’m having a hard time deciding what to pack. I’ve heard it’s hard to predict the weather over there…


I’m doing essential europe 22 July in the hotels


I just completed the Discover Europe (Hotels) tour and I don’t regret choosing the hotels over the hostels. Some hotels are 4 star and awesome. In France and Spain the hotels were pretty poor. As for Czech Rep the accomm was horrible. Overall the hotels are pretty cool and the way they rate hotels in Europe is different to Australia. Enjoy your trip! You will have a wonderful time.


[quote]Originally posted by Oliviajoy[br]
Reading through all the tours most people are doing on this forum, it seems like everyone is doing Euroclub and Camping style trips!! Am I being a complete nana?[br][/quote][br][br]i’m feeling the same way! no one on here is even mentioning the trip i’m on (European Emperor - another eurohotel) and i know that it’s a fully booked trip. [br][br]i hope you have an awesome time! :slight_smile:


no way your not nanna! i just got back from euro hotel trip and if the hotels are anything to go by the hostels must be pretty bad! the hotels are pretty average and in some your sharing with up to 3 or 4 people anyways


I did the Discover Europe Eurohotel trip and found the hotels in France, Spain, & Czech Rep pretty average. However, apart from these hotels all the rest were fine. Some places we were staying in were 4.5 stars with awesome breakfasts. EuroHotel is TWIN SHARE so you are never sharing with more than one other person.


so how come there where people on the tour staying 3 and 4 to a room on my tour? some of the rooms i stayed in had 3 beds also if you had 3 people you coulkd all stay together.


Hey Guys,[br][br]On EuroHotel trips, we offer twin or triple share. However, hotels always overbook their allocation expecting cancellations. So on occassion it may happen that they put 4 people in a room without notifying Topdeck. In these cases our Trip Leaders let us know on their return and we go back to the hotels to complain & try to sort this not occuring again in the future.[br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita


Hi Simoney, Yeah I forgot the hotels over book. There was one time where a few people had to stay in a totally different hotel nearby because our hotel had over-booked.


ha yeah. i dont think its a problem to be triple share anyways like iw asnt bothered at all… im just not sure how it goes sharing with like 8 people! i rekcon it would be hard and youd always be worrying about your stuff alllll the time plus not much privacy cos at least when its hotel twin or triple ur likely with ppl you know so its easier! i want topdeck to release next years dates and prices i want to plan another trip!