Alone in UK/Ireland in July. Looking for advice


Hey there!

I have 3 weeks in between my two trips this summer. I’ll be arriving back in London on July 3, and fly out of London to Berlin for my second tour on the 24th.

I’m going to spend these 3 weeks exploring england, Scotland, and ireland. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on itinerary or practical advice I should think about in advance.

I was thinking about taking a train up to Edinborough as soon as I got back, then taking a ferry to Belfast, before going south to Dublin. Probably some day trips from Dublin, before taking another ferry and train back to London, where I would stay till my flight.

Or if anyone is going to be in the same places and would want to meet up, let me know!



Hey Matthew

Have you checked out our UK and Ireland trips?? We have a 15 day trip called Britain and Irealand that departs on the 3rd of July. If you aren’t keen to do the whole thing we have a 7 day trip that travels from London to Edinburgh or a 9 day trip that starts in Belfast, goes through Ireland and ends in London. Check out this link: to help give you some ideas!

Happy travels!


Heya :slight_smile:
I’m from England and can’t wait to go my trip round Europe through July and August this Summer! :slight_smile:
I’ve been to Belfast a couple of times… and it’s a really great city! Really friendly, and the atmosphere is lovely in the Summer. There are some brilliant coach tours, and I went out to the giants causeway which i really enjoyed :slight_smile: Umm when you get there, head for the tourist information right next to the city hall in the centre, and they’ll give you loads of info - maps, day trips, shopping the works. They’re really helpful. You can book stuff from there so you don’t have to find a computer or make any calls. You’ll find plenty to fill your time :slight_smile: I flew out by myself one of the times and still managed to meet loads of great people!
Dublin is good too, although it’s far more ‘touristy’ and the food and drink is far more expensive. But there is a great atmosphere, with live music etc. Again, I’d reccommend the hop on hop off bus, so you can see whatever you fancy. I found Kilmainham Gaol interesting. I can’t really help you with accommodation, as I camped outside the centre and caught the bus into Dublin, and stayed in a premier inn in Belfast…
Any queries, just ask. Although, to be honest, I haven’t really travelled that much within the UK, and I’ve never been up north unfortunately!
Sorry for the essay!! Hope you have a great time.


Hi Matthew,

A friend recommend Paddy Wagon tours in Ireland to me, they have lots of different trips you can do. An option for Scotland might be Haggis tours as well (a branch of Busabout.) I haven’t been on my trip yet so can’t speak from personal experience about where to go!

Have fun,


Hi, I live in Dublin & the Paddywagon tours are really really good. Dublin is a cool city. Small & compact & easy to get around. 2 days max is all you’ll need though. I’d recommend getting out of the city & going to the west coast - either Kerry, Galway or Clare - stunning scenery, people alot friendlier & more authentic Ireland. Have fun


Thanks for the info! Would you recomend any specific way to travel around the country once I arrive in Belfast or Dublin?


Hey Matthew, you get back to London just in time to hop on a coach to Pamplona for teh Running of the Bulls! Forget the UK and Ireland, this is the BEST FESTIVAL EVER and you shouldefinitely go! We went with Topdeck last year and had a ball - there are return coach trips from London and the atmosphere is AMAZING.

Go to Pamplona and then spend some time in the - you’ll regret not going running with the bulls otherwise!


hey matthew,
Im from australia been living in edinburgh for the last 3 months! if you come visist scotland there are tonnes of tours you can do to go see the lochs and isles and mountains etc - there are tonnes of different operators but id recommend the macbackpackers tours seems like the best value for money. but if you call into edinburgh just walk down the royal mile and youll see what i mean by tonnes of operators. Also edinburgh is a really beautiful city and most attractions are free- and you can walk to them all! ive stayed in a few hostels budget backpackers is right on a main club/pub strip its cheap and nice for short term stay. Hope you make it up to sunny scotland its worth seeing, im leaving for my tour in june will be sad to go!


Hi Matthew,

You should definitely, definitely head to Galway in Ireland. It is absolutely GORGEOUS and everything you’d expect from Ireland- whereas Dublin is a little bit grimy, very touristy and quite expensive.

Edinburgh is fantastic, there’s a huge amount to see plus it’s a great starting point to get out and see the rest of Scotland. Glasgow is fantastic, I haven’t spent as much time there as Edinburgh but I’d say it’s a little bit more studenty, lots of pubs and a really laid back atmosphere. There’s a St Christopher’s hostel in Edinburgh thats right opposite Princes street (the main street for shopping etc and a great orientation point for not getting lost around town) on Market street and that’s an entertaining hostel to stay at. Check out the grassmarket for awesome pubs, music and a FANTASTIC fish and chip shop I can never remember the name of haha

oh, and rail tickets are awesome around the UK and ireland, but try and buy a couple weeks at least in advance so you’re not hit with huge price increases! the train is a great way to see some beautiful scenery you wouldn’t otherwise see, and I met some of the funniest people of the trip on random trains across Ireland.

probably enough for now hey?


Thanks teeghan. Great info.

Does anyone have any recomendations for ferry travel? I bought a uk rail pass, but don’t have getting to/from ireland figured out. Also, how pricey is travel within Ireland to places like kilarney, Galway, etc? Thanks!


I live in the middle of the UK. Yes I would also recommend Edinburgh it is a beautiful city. Other places I would recommend include York (which you’ll probably end up going through on the train up to Edinburgh), the seaside (Scotland has got some beautiful beaches, there are also some gems in England and Wales too) and the countryside (maybe the lake district or Snowdonia region in Wales).

I hope this helps.


I would spend as much time in London as possible, esp if you haven’t been before. There is so much to see in London, and getting around is so easy using the trains. If you decide to spend some time in london I would pick up an oyster card from a train station, you have to put a £3 deposit to get the card, but it can be topped up as you go. It can also be used on all the buses around london too.

Otherwise id deffinatley go to Edinburgh and York is deffinatley a place to visit too. Maybe head to Cardiff too.


I’m from England, off on my Europe tour at the end of July. I would really recommend heading down South, we get the best weather and have some amazing countryside, beaches and architecture to see, all in about 1-2 hours direct from London.

You can get to Brighton direct in about 40 mins from London, there’s loads to see and do there, then if you carry on along the south coast there are loads of stunning areas. You should definitely go to Arundel, you can get there in about 1hr 20 from London, it’s typically British, and has an amazing castle surrounded by countryside!
Have fun! :slight_smile: