tHIS might be an odd tour discussion, but I am used to travellling and being able to take advantage of duty free alcohol, which then means cutting down on the costs of buying drinks all the time. Is this still a good idea when travelling to so many different places on a tour, or would I just bite the bullet and purchase drinks from bars??? Any hints, advice, would be mostly appreciated!!! Just want to have a great time while away but still be a bit savvy about money and costs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey There, I’m not too sure about the deal with Duty Free … but I do know that I’ve had a few mates travel around Europe and they’ve found buying wine particularly in Italy very cheap (like 2 euro a bottle) so that might be an option? [br]Although I’m not sure if your allowed to drink in the hostels/hotels - while on tour? Maybe someone whose done a tour already could answer these questions?[br]


Great, thanks for that. Wine sounds like the cheap option to go. Guess maybe we will just figure it out when we get there. But if anyone else has any ideas, would be great to hear from you.


Some countries are really cheap for drinks. You don’t want to be carting around bottles of alcohol. Also, by buying drinks you get to taste the local varieties. It was nice being able to drink different beers etc from around the world. Whilst drinking alcohol is not illegal (unless under age)…why would you want to drink in your room anyway?


Thanks ice5 for this advice. I agree that I dont want to cart around bottles of alcohol, I will pushing the weight restriction as it is, let alone carting around heavy bottles, so that sounds great. Can’t wait to try the local varieties, so will be great to experience that. Thanks heaps.


hey gemime. Thanks so much for this advice. I will take it all onboard. I agree, I am definitely going for a great time, and want to make the most of going out to clubs and experiencing the different cultures, and just thought there might be a cheap way to go about it. Thanks heaps. Happy travelling on your upcoming trips.


Totally agree with Gemime. I must say that I was never a beer fan at all until traveling to Europe…lots of varieties and now actually don’t mind some beer now after being back at home. [br]If you plan on going out don’t go to the common ‘Aussie/Backpacker’ bars/clubs as basically you would be mingling with other Aussies/travelers. I didn’t see the point in going to those sorts of places whilst in Europe. You want to explore new things and see the culture!


Not sure if anyone is interested (or will have any cash when they get home ;D) but if you’re australian you can buy duty free when you arrive back in the country, before you go through customs. Nice way to get cheap-er alcohol to drown your sorrows at being home and the holiday being over ;D[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Yeah thats a good point. I am from NZ but stopping in sydney for almost 4 weeks, so will definitely have to make the most of that one, and then top up again when I come into NZ, and then plan my next holiday away (hopefully)