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Hi everyone I am traveling next month and am wondering what would be the best and cheapest way to get to the airport to our hostel which will be the Wombats City Hostel in London.

we are on the summer fun and sailing tour departing the Wombats Hostel on the 17th of June 2016


Do you know which airport you will be flying into?


heathrow airport London :slight_smile:


Hi there I’m traveling early June and I as far as I can tell the cheapest and easiest way from Heathrow airport to wombats is the tube… I looked it up and the website gives directions and everything. You will need an Oyster card for the train but u can buy them at the airport station. That’s what I’m gonna do anyway :blush:


Yes, the tube should be cheapest. You can take the Piccadilly line to South Kensington then switch to the District line to get to Aldgate East which I think is the closest station to Wombats.


Wombats website tells you how to get there and it’s by the tube.


I bought my tube visitor card online, as I was in London for a week pre tour. And it got sent to me in Australia in less than too weeks.



The cheapest way to get from London Heathrow airport to Wombats is using the London Tube. Recommend buying an Oyster card and putting around minimum £5 on it (more if you are staying in London a few nights before hand). The cost of the itself £3.10 :slight_smile:

Please see this link for your list of options from the airport - HERE

Have a great time on your trip! Any if you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask - Emma


Heathrow Airport …