Airline Comparisons


Hi guys,

Has anyone ever flown with Turkish Airlines? I usually fly with Air Canada, but the layovers for my trip (I am flying from Toronto to Dubrovnik), are a little insane, and sadly there isn’t much other option. But Turkish Airlines did come up… just wonder if anyone has ever had any issues flying with them before? Mind you, people have had quite a few issues with AC, so really I am just looking for opinions. Thanks in advance !


I wouldn’t do it. I’ve heard they aren’t safe and the actual flight itself is poor quality eg: seats and food.
I always look at it the following way.
Would i rather save that $100 on my ticket but have a horrible flight with poor food, uncomfortable seat and poor quality flight, or pay that extra $100 and actually have a good quality/experience on my flight.

If you’d like reply with the dates you’re traveling and where to and stuff and what price you’re looking at, i can have a look for you to see if i can find a better value flight maybe with another airline .
I fly about 3-4 times a year so i’ll try to back my experience to help you if you’d like! :smiley:


That’s what I was thinking too … I wanted to venture out and try a new company (since we don’t have many companies that fly to Dubrovnik from Canada). I checked with AC, and their flight is probably who I’m flying with - they’re partnered with Lufthansa as well. I was considering flying somewhere in Germany, and then taking a train from there. But who knows. Regardless, if you would like to look, I’m planning on leaving July 13th (probably a night flight so I get to Dubrovnik on Friday) and then leave Budapest on July 23.

Thank you again for all your help :slight_smile:


I’ll have a look now BUT MATE I’M HUNGARIAN! You’re gonna be in budapest??? thats so awesome! would love to show you around and ill be there till the 22nd of july as well! (i live in aus)

sorry random moment of excitement. I’ll have a look now! :smiley: :airplane:


I’ve been before, and fell in LOVE with Budapest!! Absolutely in love. If you want, I can totally meet up with you that night of the 22nd (depending when you leave). My favorite bar is the Szimpla Kert bar. I LOVE it!


ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OMG thats amazing! i’ll be there from the 14th of july so anytime between then and 22nd im good! id love to show you places!
AND I have not been to the Szimpla Bar yet surprisingly! I’m just always so caught up with family that i never really do the really touristy stuff, rather the hidden local experiences tourist not hear of often. :raised_hands: :scream:
My name is Sophie Btw. incase my profile doesn’t give it away.


I only get there on the 22nd so that’s why I’m wondering what time you’re leaving. But yes!!! It’s my second fave city ever! I love Budapest, which is surprising, since I didn’t think I would enjoy it at all. and Caitlin!

I’ll send you a pm :slight_smile:


Just kidding - I can’t. Ummmm facebook maybe and I’ll talk to you? Lol!


i think i just sent you a message! :smiley: idk its my first time messaging someone on here?
my name is sophie ma on facebook though :slight_smile: