What is the average age on top deck?


Hi Danielle,

I went to a topdeck presentation in the weekend and the guy said average age for the Eurohotel is about 32-35, Euroclub is about 22-26 and Eurocamping is about 18-22. (they might not be the exact ages but it was something along those lines)

I would be imagine there would be a huge range of ages on all trips, but at least u know everyone on tour will be between 18 and 39 :slight_smile:


Did they say anything about the trips in Africa? I am going solo and just turned 18 this year. I just did a contiki tour and most people were in there mid 20s and got along well with them. But i don’t want to be heaps younger then everyone on the tour, like if everyones in there 30s


Unfortunately because it was a Europe travel expo there was no mention of Africa, I’m sure if you email them they will be more than happy to help as they would have all that information :slight_smile:


thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Dainielle,
I just did a EuroHotel tour in August, and most people were in their early 20s, with the ages ranging between 18 - 32. I don’t know how correct that Topdeck guy’s averages were, but most tours have a complete range of ages. Most people will be between 18 - 26, there’s no need to worry about being younger than everyone else on tour.