Well am 31 and happily get on with anyone and given the type of tours they are, am pretty sure everyone else will be the same attitude :slight_smile: love the different ages dynamic tho :)[br][br]Rob


I will be 23 when i go on tour next August.[br][br]Everyday is one day closer… :slight_smile:


I am 21 and my boyfriend is 22. Looking to travel end of may next year.[br][br]Jess :o)


will be 23 when i do the mega european next summer![br][br]the ages will mainly be about 20-26 on average - but absolutely no difference for the ones who were older/younger.[br][br]age never really matters once your on the trip![br][br]Europe Unplugged *July 2008[br]Alps & Matadors *June 2009[br]Mega European Summer 2010


I’ll be 25. Doing the Mega European at the beginning of July and I can’t wait!!!;D


I am 27 and will traveling on the Winter Wonder on Jan 3.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hi All,[br][br]l just came back from the Spirit of Europe trip a few weeks ago and the ages varied from 18-32. l think the average age was around 25 or so. Nobody really noticed peoples ages and we all got along really well.[br][br]Cheers


Hey,[br][br]Looking at going late april/ early may 2010 and I’ll be 21


Hey,[br][br]I’m 24 and doing the Winter Wonder on Dec 13.[br]not long to go![br][br]


I am a 35 year old female.


Hi there,[br][br]I am doing the Winter Wonder top deck tour commencing January 16th 2010 and I am 22 years old.[br][br][br]:)[br][br]I’m doing the 14 Day Winter Wonder Trip![br][br]POSITION VACANT: A tour friend (I’m going lonesome!)


Hi all,[br][br]i went 14 months ago and was 24, have booked another for 2010 and will be 26. ages are really varied. the oldest person on my last tour was around 38 and the youngest was 19 but most were mid twenties.


Hey, I’m 25, doing the mega european departing March 2010, so exciting cant wait :slight_smile:


My friend and I are only just 19. We are going on the Winter Getaway 2nd Jan 2010.I am assuming we will be the youngest.


Hey[br][br]Im 23 and going on the Winter Wonder 27th Dec.[br][br]Kat[br]x[br][br]Winter Wonder 27/12/09


Hey, [br]I’m doing the winter getaway 9th Jan. I’m 20 years old… another youngin :)[br][br]Scott[br]New Years in Amsterdam 30th - 2nd[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010


Hey[br][br]I’m 29. I’m doing Winter Wonder Feb 7th. Anyone else going on this one?


hey,[br][br]i will be 31 next year when i travel, that is if i can make a decision and choose a tour. At the rate i am going i will be 51 ;D