Age question. Had a cool 40 yr old on my last trip


I just wondered what the actual cut off was for Topdeck. Nothing against this guy or his age as he actually was kind of the life of the bus!!


You ask what the cut off was. Do you want to know what it was or what it actually is? I doubt you’ll find there is a cut off for age at all. As you’ve pointed out - age doesn’t really matter. I’ve met some pretty lame 19 year olds!


I guess I’d like to know what it actually is. Topdeck is gaining a lot of popularity in the U.S. nowadays, and I have quite a few friends and relatives that would love to join us after seeing pictures from my tours. I’m with you in the “age is just a number” way of thinking, but Topdeck might now think that same way???


i believe its 39