Age Limit


[font=Trebuchet MS][b][color=333399]Hi Guys,

Looking at booking a tour for 2014 as already have holidays booked for next year.

Wondering what the age limit is for TopDeck,

There’s going to be 4 of us and by the time we want to go one of us will be turning 35.

Just want to know if we will be able to book still.

Cheers :)[/color][/b][/font]



the age limit is 39ish… so you should be fine :smiley:


I had no problems getting on a North Americas tour and I’m travelling at 35. The age limit is 39 so you can book to travel right up until your 40th bday :slight_smile:


There is no any age issue. You can book your ticket because the age limit is 39+.


Can childrens be brought along with the 39+ people ???

Sorry if i am asking silly queries.


I have to travel overseas for my business purpose. So, Having nice knowledge about traveling. If your are booking your tour from any traveling company then at that time you need to consult with its travel agent about age limit. Because some of the traveling companies book tours only for teens and childrens.
Basically there is no any age of traveling.


Age is just a number, as old as that saying is. Just be respectful of the others, young people willw ant to go out and embarress themselves and be fools, the more mature tourers will want to embrace the culture more wholesomely. End of the day, just tour and let tour :wink: