After the tour


Hey kidletts[br]im doing timeless trail 17Sept (london) - 7Oct (Athens). Got about 11 days after my tour finishes to hang about, havent got any solid plans yet, any ideas on whats good to do in the area? Anywhere you would go back to to explore more? [br]Or is anyone else on the tour looking for a post-tour travel buddy? Id really love to go to IBIZA![br]Do you suggest i book/plan something before i leave home or just wing it (this is what im leaning towards at the mo). [br]Also, how much money should i budget for each day that im not on the tour … i.e having to pay for accom. food and travel. Im budgeting 60 euros a day while im on the tour. How much ya recokn when im not on the tour? [br]So many questions, so little time … Any help would be appreciated.


Hi there, My ears always twitch when i hear Ibiza mentioned, is an amazing place and not just clubland, its what u make it, many a night spent in the Scottish bars singing along to karaoke.(in the background)a lot of the main venues start to run down towards end of September start of October, and is a bit cooler. Have stayed in the Marina Playa and Ibiza Mar and both do rooms to rent themselves instead of travel agent. class places, google them and if no luck try google with .es instead of .com for the spanish one. [br]Erm not realy a for or against still a lot of places to see and be cheaper out of season, can get a ferry from mainland spain to.[br][br]Just read that and very random answer now i think of it :expressionless: [br]Rob [br][br]European escape 18th oct Joins Summer Fun 2nd Oct [br][br][br]Rob


not sure what policy is for putting down other websites, but check out and if not meant to put them on here apologies :smiley: “hugs”[br][br]Rob