African Insight - November 8th 2017


Hey there! I am booked on the African Insight trip Livingstone to Johannesburg for the 8th of November, and I’ll be travelling solo :open_mouth: :grin: Just wondering if anyone else is booked on this trip as it would be nice to know who else is going!! Very excited! :tada:


Hello there,
My husband and I and 2 friends are headed on this tour for our Honeymoon in January. We haven’t gotten much information but would love to connect for information and ask how your trip was!


It was excellent, really really great! What kind of questions did you have? I’m happy to answer :slight_smile:



I found some videos so it seems like there are a number of stopovers. Do you get enough time to get drinking water and food on the days we don’t have meals everyday.

Also, how were the facilities at each campsite. We’re there places to shower each day?

Sorry for all the questions. I’m well travelled but this is the first time I’ve done a tour where I don’t control my own itinerary.

Would you be able to reply via email?

Appreciate your info. We are very excited!


that’s an amazing trip! I did once! I enjoyed it!


Hey there!
I’m book for a trip in August! I have the exact questions you had. May I know how did you trip go?
Were there places to shower every night (I chose the camping option), what about charging our cameras/electronics?
Do you recommend any of the optional activites at Livingstone? I have a few I’d like to try but am limited by time


Hey! So sorry it took a while to respond, I forgot my Top Deck forum password.
Email me for more details because I asked and we didn’t reallyy get the answers we were looking for before the trip and it really would have helped.

The trip was amazing! I can’t emphasize enough! We were very worried about so many things so we were overly prepared ehehe…

Camping was a breeze, great experience. They teach you how to set up the tents and you all help each other out. Some sites offered some upgrades that were inexpensive with beds but we found the tents were a good experience and weren’t all that uncomfortable. They provide some mats (smilier to ones you have in school gyms) but you need to provide and bring your own sleeping bag. Food was great, we were very well fed and took more than enough stops if we didn’t have meals included that day and had to buy. At every facility we went to had clean and mostly hot showers and All clean bathrooms. Each site also had a swimming pool so we swam almost every night. most places had Wifi but be warned it was very slow. Each night you were able to charge devices overnight in the truck which was locked for safety, a few people brought extension cords or power bars, the truck itself has a few but if you have a lot to charge may be best to bring one so you’re not taking up all the plugs. We had a lot of cameras, go pros, etc to charge since we had a lot of photogs in our group (my husband included!)
We were pretty excited for some of the optional tours but unfortunately we didn’t realize what time we would be arriving at livingstone. We arrived at camp around 3-4pm and most activities were done for the day so keep in mind that on your last day although “check out” and the “last day” is in the morning you do have the rest of the day there - we ended up having a devil’s pool toor we booked outside of top deck at 7am that morning and flew out so we didn’t get too much time in livingstone. But some of our tour mates ended up doing quite a few things, day trip to botswana, night cruise and a helicopter over the falls.

Some pieces of advice, the truck has locks to keep your stuff, i’d recommend a combo lock - after 7 days of going on and off the bus going back and forth with your stuff we were all in and out of the truck multiple times a day and we had lost our key more than once! The drives are long so if you get car sick have some meds ready and have something to keep you entertained some days were all driving. Have american cash ready - all visas only accept US cash and some do not have ATMs, I’m Zimbabwe some of the banks and ATMs didn’t have US cash so best we have it prepared ahead of time.

I’m sure there is much more to give and I’d love to help as I know exactly how you feel so feel free to contact via email -



It is a fantastic trip!! Enjoy your trip…