AFL Grand Final


Hi all again, [br][br]Just wondering what Aussies (or anyone interested in Aussie rules for that matter) were doing for AFL Grand Final in Europe later this year? I am a mad keen Hawthorn supporter and although I dont think my boys will go all the way I am a passionate footy fan and cant miss the game on my travels. I am thinking it would be cool to see it at one of the Walkabout Pubs in London, anyone else have any other ideas? I know its early but the thought of missing the GF is blasphemy, haha.[br][br]What time is it usually televised in England? I have heard about 2am, is this right?[br][br]Cheers[br]Collo


I know this is probably to spooky to be true, but i was a really good friends with a mad hawthorn supporter who went by the name of Matt Collins - ‘collo’ - from melbourne and havent seen him for years!!! Thats not you is it??? Sorry to bother you Collo if its not and if it is this is crazy… [br][br]Sam[br][br]SKB


Hi Sammy, [br][br]No im not your long lost buddy…sorry mate. He sounds like a good bloke though if he supports hawthorn, ha![br][br]Cheers[br]Collo


All the Walkabout pubs and Slug and Lettuce pubs will show the AFL. Its usually about 5am in the morning and they sell tickets in advance. They generally need to be pre purchased as they do sell out. When I went they were serving meat pies and snakebites. It will be standing room only and lots and lots of fun.[br][br][br]Odette[br][br]Mega European June 22nd


I would never have thought of it, but now that you guys mention it, sounds fun. I’ll be living in Dublin at the time, so could easily get over to London for the weekend. Are the meat pies any good?


I had a mate go over at the same time he said that there were two pubs that were dedicated to the GF can’t remember the name of the place will try and find out out. Hawks Jees haha


Thanks for all your help guys![br][br]Hey Bridie, do they do anything over in Ireland for the GF? Cant miss the game but dont want it to mess with my travel plans either so I may end up over there instead. Is it a big event there too?[br][br]Cheers[br]Collo


Collo, I’ll hafta suss it out and let you know. It’ll be on somewhere. It’ll be on at my house if nowhere else!!


hey Collo![br]I have been to the walkie for the last 2 AFL grand finals and I can say that it is awesome, the atmosphere and the people! I highly recommend going. Last year I got there at 4:30am and doors opened at 5am and I think the game started at 5:30am. When you pre purchase your ticket (which you should cause they sell out really fast) its about ?15 and that includes your pie and stubbie of VB for breakfast. The temple walkie is the biggest and best atmosphere, but all walkies in london have something on.[br]They also show games during the year.[br]All the best mate![br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.


Hey Danielle, [br][br]Thanks for your help :slight_smile: Sounds like one of the Walkabouts will definately be the go for the game, will have to stay out all night to stay up for the game if on at that time, not sure if I could get up otherwise, haha! Worst case im sure they will be screening replays the following day…[br][br]Cheers[br]Collo


Hey guys,[br][br]How do you go about pre purchasing the tickets, is it just over the bar a few days before or online?? [br][br]Ill be getting into london a few days before the final and really dont wanna miss the game. Any other hints on a great place to catch it?[br][br]Mick


Hey![br][br]MIck - You can buy the tickets over the bar at the walkie of your choice. I highly recommend the Temple Walkie, its the biggest and had an awesome atmosphere last year! I think I got my tickets about 3 weeks before the game, keep your eye out though cause they sell out quite fast, I think it sold out last year in a week. try the walkabout website for tickets too otherwise try any aussie pub in London like the redback or a slug and lettuce, i am pretty sure they all show it.[br][br]Collo - I did stay out all night in 2006 and then went home and showered put my footy jumper on and then went back, it was a messy messy day!!! But fun all the same! Last year I was in bed at 2pm having had my first beer of the day at 5am while holding a pie in the other hand![br][br]All the best guys![br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.