Aegean Sunseeker leaving Mykonos 15th


Anyone else on the aegean sun seeker departing Mykonos on the 15th of sep? keen to get to know others on the boat :slight_smile: will be traveling with 2 friends all from Auckland, NZ


Hey Ella! Me and my friend Pat are also coming on this trip! We’re both from Sydney. Maybe we can set up a FB group? Will be easier once more people start locking this in to keep track and get to know everyone.


Hey awesome! That would be great let me know ur fb deets and I’ll add you!!


Perfect! I’m under Facebook as Anna Marcella, the profile pic is the same one I use here :slight_smile:


Hey ur not showing up maybe too private? I sent you my profile link maybe try add me and you should show up then :slight_smile:


For anyone just finding this thread and want to get to know people/coordinate beforehand, we’ve set up a FB group!

Please join and come and say hi :slight_smile: