Aegean Sunseeker 25Aug to 01Sep Santorini to Mykonos


I’m a solo traveler and just booked on the Aegean Sunseeker departing Santorini on the 25th of August 2018. Anyone else booked on this?


Hi Kim,
I am also a solo traveller and have just booked onto the sail departing Santorini on the 25 Aug. Have you organised accomodation in Mykonos after? I was planning to stay a couple of nights!


Hey Kelly
I am looking at doing two nights in Santorini beforehand and two in Mykonos at the end. I have accommodation held atm that I was thinking of confirming at the end of the week. What about you, have you booked anything?


Oh amazing!
I have just booked my accomodation for Mykonos (3 nights post tour) as there were not many options left and I am planning to stay1 night in Santorini which I am yet to book! I have found some hostels in Fira that look okay! Otherwise I was thinking of splurging to a hotel for 1 night!


Nice… have you booked a hostel for Mykonos as well? I currently have hotels booked for both places. Are you from Australia? I’m in Perth


Sorry I didn’t get back sooner! Are you in Santorini now or is anyone else also and keen to meet for dinner tonight?