Aegean Sunseeker 1-8 September 2018


Hi all!

I am doing the Aegean Sunseeker tour at the start of September 2018 and was wondering if there’s anyone else who either is looking at booking or has booked. I’m a 19 year old solo traveller from Perth, Western Australia, but will be living in the UK at that time and would really like to be able to chat with some others who may be doing this tour.



Hi Jess. Are you starting in Mykonos? If so my mate Jena and I will be with you. We’re from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Yeah I am starting in Mykonos! That’s so exciting :smile:


Facebook stalk me and we can chat :slight_smile:


Will do :slight_smile:


Hi guys

I will also being do this tour of the 1st of September! I’m from Queensland, Aus! Looking foward to meeting you :slight_smile: