[br][br]My Husband and I are going Traveling for 2 1/2 Months and we are doing a top deck tour and I have been reading up on travelling and looking and some sites and on some of the forums they were saying things about bed bugs (NOT ABOUT TOPDECK) just wanted to make that clear. [br]I was wondering if anyone has come across them and what they did and how to make sure that you dont get them. I may sound like a real Girl but they just Gross me out [v][br]Thanks :):slight_smile:


Hey There,[br][br]Well I don’t know if it’s going to work cause its my first time travelling, but i’ve bought a sleep sheet so that if the linen looks a little gross i’ll just take it off and use my sheet. [br][br]What tour are you doing??[br][br]Jess


In Europe We am doing the Grand European starting the 24th April and then We go to America to do a cosmos tour… And we have to find 2 nights accomodation before our tour starts and some of the hostel look scarey…[br]Yeah we have sleep sheets as well i just hope that they cant get through if there is any.[br]My mate told me where to have a look for them on the edge of the matress in between the joins and cracks…[br];D


I am feaking out about them, they are gross!!![br]I dont know what i will do if i come across them on our travels!!![br]xx(


When i went on a Contiki a couple of years ago only one person got bit by the bed bugs - i think she actually slept in the sheets of the bed she was staying in. I just made sure I was always in my own sleeping bag and give it a good shake before you wrap it up for the day. If its going to happen it will happen though.[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber.


I am definatly not sleeping in the sheets… I think that i am just going to have to get over it… Do you have to throw out any infected items??[br]I am getting so excited about our trip there is only 4 weeks to go YAY!!! ;D;D


Hi[br][br]I have bought a silk slip. I jump in that then put the sheets on top of me. it also has a bit to go over the pillow. i got it from mountain design. I used them throughout thailand and vietnam. so far so good but like it was said if your going to get bitten your going to get them no matter what.[br][br]Good luck.