Advice please!


Howdy, [br][br]I would just like to get some advice from people who have done the tour/s before, in particular the European Wonder. [br][br]Three things: [br][br]- In Paris, which optional was better for the evening- the river cruise or caberet show? They both sound good and I just can’t decide! [br][br]- Will i have enough time on this tour to see the sights, and most importantly climb the Eiffel Tower as well as doing the bike tour?[br][br]- How many evening “going out” outfits should I pack for this tour?Are jeans, heels and a nice top going to be appropriate or should I be taking nice pants or a skirt instead? Don’t want to over pack but certainly dont want to be ill prepared either!! [br][br]Any suggestions would be much appreciated:)


Bike tour for our tour started at 3pm, and the line for the tower only took 20-30mins (elivator line) so there is plently of time. But remember you prob want to see other sites as well, so maybe start with the tower.[br][br]I went to the caberet show. It was a little dissapointing. I heard the boat cruise was good. If I had more info, I would have bought Moulin rouge tickets and caught the metro or taxi there from the Paris Dinner under the tower.[br][br]You can get away with jeans and a nice top at most places, but for some (Monaco casino) I would recommend a classy dress or skirt.[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


Oooh sounds like an awesome trip. [br][br]I agree with Tahlia you’ll want to see the other monuments there so do the Eiffle tour first. However, if you can make it there in the evening the light show is something to watch![br][br]Just a note though, if you’ve never been to Paris before, the Red Light District (where the Moulin Rouge is located) is a seedy area during the day, and worst at night (though of course safe if you take the normal precautions) I’d suggest a cab as opposed to public transport.[br][br]Hope you have an awesome trip!