Advice on NZ trip?


Hi all,

I’m Lahni from Australia. I’ll be in Queenstown, NZ for a wedding on March 24th 2018. Since I’ve never been to NZ before, I decided I may as well make a real trip of it and have a look around. Has anybody got any recommendations as to which trip might be most suitable for me? I sort of want to see as much as possible. Is it worth me trying to see both South Island and North Island on this trip, or should I keep the focus to just South Island?
I’ve got a reasonable amount of leave owing at work, and looking this far in advance, I’ve got enough time to save plenty for whichever trip I choose.

Also, I have never travelled solo before, and the idea is a little bit nervewracking for me…

Also, I’m thinking in terms of health and appearance, getting the wedding out of the way BEFORE the trip would be the better option?

Looking forward to reading your advice!

Lahni :slight_smile:


Hey. Depending on how much time you have would really depend on if you focus on just one island or both. I personally would allow at least 2 weeks per island to get a good overview of it all but possibly even longer. So much to see