Advice on mega european


I went on a mega European tour at the end of last summer and Im happy to offer my advice…as I remember before I left wishing that people were more help after the tours! j x x


Hi Jessica, I am going on this tour next month :smiley: Do you have any handy tips? Just curious about what to bring and if there is anything you would recommend or have done differently etc? Any advice would be awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:


me too I would love to have any ideas like what was best to see and what you packed and stuff thanks


Same! Also, how much money did you find you needed per day?


Hi Jess,

I’m going on the Mega European on 12th of June. My questions are pretty much the same as above.

I guess what I’d like to know (which is very broad) is what you wish you brought, what you wish you didn’t bring and the things/sights/activities you wish you did and did not do.

Also the only specific question that comes to mind is do you need a sleeping bag for the flotilla sailing part?

Any advice at all about the trip would be great though! ;D



Hi Jess,

I’m doing this tour in August, very excited! My questions are much the same as above, but spefically…

Suitcase or backpack? I’ve heard a backpack is easier to get around with (not all hostels have elevators), but I’m worried about not having enough room if I pick up a few souvenirs. And whichever one you go for, do you really need a day pack or would a cross-body handbag/satchel type thing be sufficient (something big enough to hold your money, passport and camera)?

Laptops/iPads - do many people bother bringing these? I imagine there are plenty of internet cafes around?

Travel money card - did you use one of these?

All advice greatfully received!




Again, i have pretty much the same questions as above :slight_smile: and…

What did you like/not like?

What was the sailing like?

Would pretty much just love to know as much as possible about this tour! ;D

Thanks heaps! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: