Advice for lone travellers


Hello everyone,
I have just booked the Bravo Italia tour on the 12th of September, which im so looking forward to. (Is anyone else going on this one?)
Me being a lone traveler for the first time any advice on traveling by yourself would be welcome!
(And don’t make me too paranoid!)

cheers Nicola


Hey Nicola,

I’ll be travelling by myself this year too for the first time.

My only advice would be to mingle and get amounst things as much as possible. You’ll only be lonely for a short time if you start hanging out with everyone else in the group :slight_smile:

I while ago I think I read about 50% of travellers with TopDeck actually travel by themselves so don’t ever think you are the only one!

Good luck :slight_smile:


One bit of advice that I think is useful… don’t look at your entire vacation through the lens of your camera.

PS: Instead of bag locks you can just take along zap straps (otherwise known as cable ties). Less easy for thiefs to get into but just as easy for you to lock when you need to.


Thanks you guys, any advice is most welcome!

Many people i have spoken to about my trip are very positive about it.

Though Jessica the comment on “don’t look at your entire vacation through the lens of your camera” fascinates me as i always imagined id be snapping away all day every day so i can document my trip. What did you mean by that?


I take a lot of pictures as well but can never remember where a majority of snaps were taken! What’s the use of taking a picture of a rolling green landscape if you have no clue where it was? I was in London for one week last year and took countless pictures even though the part I enjoyed the most was the 4 hour train trip to Scotland looking out the window the entire way. The way that I rationalize it is you’re paying good money for the life experience, not for the photography lessons. I’d hate to see someone taking a trip and realizing that they only saw things from behind the lens.

That’s just the way I see things though. You may feel differently and taking lots of snaps may work well for you personally.

Either way I hope that you enjoy your trip!

PS: Watch how much you pack. There are some pretty good packing lists on this forum. I took way too much on my first trip abroad.


Hi Nicola,

On my last Top Deck tour over 50% were travelling alone. You’ll naturally be paired up with someone (or three) to room with so you’ll know at least one person well by the end of the tour.

Gone on some of the optionals - you’re normally with more than one travel group and there is an automatic kind of group bonding thing that happens when you’re with another group.

Lastly, just be you - loud, soft, weird laugh, great smile, whatever, people appreciate reality and honesty.

Cheers :slight_smile: