Adriatic Sunsets Split-Dubrovnik July 16-23 2016


Hey! My partner Mark and I (Sany) will be on this trip - anyone else going here? We are from Aus. Cheers :smile:


Hey my cousin Annabelle and I (Genevieve) will be on this same trip I think? Are you staying in split on the 15th?


Awesome! Yes, we’re staying at apartments Kalpic. You?


I can’t remember the name of the place we booked as my cousin booked it. But excited xx


Sweet! Yes we are too. Shall we perhaps meet up for a drink that evening in Split? Wouldn’t have a clue where to meet, but perhaps we can meet somewhere around the main part of town?


Sounds good to me. Add me on Facebook if you would like? Genevieve Tyrrell (I am wearing a on piece onsie in my profile pic)


Hi Genevieve, I can’t add u on Facebook. I’ve sent u a message, but not sure if u received it. I’m also hidden on Facebook so not sure if u are receiving my messages either