Admin - How do I get to Ciampino Airport?


Hi [br][br]I?m booked on the European Emperor departing London on the 25th of June. The trip concludes on the 5th of July where I intend to immediately fly out to Madrid. [br][br]Can you please provide me with an indication of the final days events? What time will the tour conclude? [br][br]Also, I will need to make my way to the Ciampino airport early on the morning of the 5th. What is the easiest possible route to the airport, from the Beethoven Hotel using public transport? Approximately how long is this trip? I will need to be at the airport by 9am. [br][br][br]


Hi,[br][br]Your trip finishes after breakfast - breakfast is between 7-10 am. I have e-mailed the Hotel Beethoven regarding getting to the airport and will let you know once I receive an answer.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hello again,[br][br]Please find the lovely Roberto’s answer below:[br][br]“One of the quickest ways by public transport from our Hotel is: take the bus 49 to METRO CORNELLIA, until train station TERMINI. where you can take the train to CIAMPINO AIRPORT.”[br][br]Enjoy your trip![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita[br]