Additional Optional Tours


Hi Everyone,
Hope you dont mind us older people asking a few questions??
Our sons are doing a trip shortly and have received all their paperwork so we have all been looking through it with some excitement - and trepidation.
Wondering if those in the administration or those of you who have travelled before can give us some advice.
Having travelled ourselves we are aware of some of the amazing sights around Europe.
So can you advise the best way for our guys to see places that arent offered as optional tours while they are away?
Places like Versaille and Monteserrat which are out of the city and not easily accessed.
Do the Top deck crew help those in their tour to arrange to see these types of places or is it left to individuals to try to make arrangements prior to leaving or when they arrive at each destination??
If anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated as we want them to get the absolute best from this experience


Hi M&D B,

I traveled Europe in 2010 with Contiki and am back over again this year with Top Deck so may be able to offer some advice.

What we did when we traveled in 2010 was to get as much information together as we could and have options for additional tours/excursions at each place we stopped at. More so, to make sure we didn’t miss out on the things we really wanted to see. Many on our tour had done the same thing (some wanted to see certain art, ie. Statue of David, some of the guys wanted to see a live Soccer game in Spain etc). In all cases the tour guide was able to provide tips etc on the best way to get to places and see the sites…

Important thing to keep in mind with these tours though is they are fast paced. Your only in one location for 2 days usually and as you would know from traveling yourself, some places you just can’t see everything in that short of time, so doing a side tour can often chew up a good part of the day you could be spending seeing other sites.


:slight_smile: Hi Trent,

Thank you for your help. We will be sitting down trawling over the websites looking at all the possible places the boys can go to on their ‘Free Days Off’ on the Tour. We weren’t sure if Topdeck helped them to organise their ‘side trips’ or whether they were left to their own devises and had to do it themselves… hard to do in a foreign land and we’ll have to do most of the searching online before they leave.

I guess it would be much easier if other people on the tour wanted to see the same places and pitched together and did it that way (also safety in numbers), may even get a group discount if they have enough people doing it, so much to see and so little time…

I guess on the tour my husband and I did we did ALL the Optional Extra Tours and didn’t have much time to do stuff on our own, but we got to see so much more than everyone else as we figured we may not get to come back anytime soon. It can be very tiring, but certainly worth it… but you sacrifice free time just chilling out I guess.

Again, thanks for your help.
best of luck on your tour.