Silly question but an essential one! I am a newbie to Europe so I am a bit ignorant! :-[

We are doing Europe for 5 weeks on a TopDeck tour.
I have a mini hairdryer and hair straigtener as well as our, camera battery charger, phone/ipad chargers.

People have mentioned things about appliance ADAPTERS and CONVERTERS and I’m confused! Are these things the same thing or different items altogether! I don’t want to blow the place up! }:slight_smile:

Can someone please tell me exactly (in simple terms!) what I need to use my electrical things while in Europe. And what VOLTAGES do MY Australian appliances need to work safely ???



Being from Australia, all you need is an adaptor… You need a Europe style, and if your starting in London you will need a UK one as well… You don’t need a converter…


Thanks heaps Trent! Now I feel better! YAY!! B-)


Adaptor just allows your power plug prongs to fit in the European ones. Doesn’t change the voltage. The converter will change voltage.

Australia (220 -240 V) has the same voltage settings as Europe(220 -240V) so you should be fine with an adaptor as Trent said.

If you have a straightener that’s not universal and runs on anything below 220V it’s a bit hard to make it work even with a converter. I live in Canada and I brought my straightener that uses 110V, with the converter everything else worked, but the straightener shorted out very quickly (even with a converter it had too much juice for the straightener to handle). Now I bought a universal one. Will find out in 2 weeks if that works. :S


With so many appliances, take an adapter and a aussie power board for 4 plugs. that way you dont need to buy 4 adapters, and you WILL need to charge more then one thing at a time, a major issue I had with camera, phone and laptop.


That’s a great tip - I did that last time I traveled, there always seems to be a lack of power points in hostels/cabins… especially if there’s a couple more people sharing with you that want to charge devices also…