Accomodation list



im booked to go on Winter Spirit Nov 25 2010, and i’ve paid the full amount. Just wondering when I will get sent anything from topdeck saying im actually confirmed and all the details as its 8 weeks away and starting to get anxious…

also, is there a list of the accomodation that i’ll be staying in on this trip somewhere? or do I receive one at all??




You should receive everything by e-mail in a couple of weeks (it’s sent out 6 weeks before departure) if you booked online. If you booked through an agent you’ll be able to get it from them around the same time. All of the accomodations should be listed as part of your itinerary that gets sent with your departure package.

Have fun!


Hi there

Jessica is indeed correct. All travel documents are sent out 6 weeks prior to your departure. There will be an accommodation list included in this information.



I booked online and its less than 14 days till i depart, i only recieved an email confirming payment with itinerary attached. Should i expect anything else? In the mail maybe?


Hi Lealea5

Which trip are you booked on. An all extended trips you should receive an invoice, itinerary and pre-departure information. If you are concerned that you are missing something just email